Anthurium Lily Care

The beautiful Flamingo Flower came from the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Ecuador, so it  will be hard to mimic their  natural environment indoors.

Flamingo lilies like coarse, well-draining soil. A standard potting mix with sand and peat moss is ideal, but you can also mix it with orchid bark.


Consider watering the plant twice a week if it’s hot in your area or inside your house. If it’s cold, water them once a week to prevent soggy soil.


Anthurium lilies love warm temperatures as tropical plants, so try to keep them out of rooms with cold drafts or strong breezes.


As house plants, they can be placed near windows facing east or west where there is bright light throughout the day, but be sure not to confuse ‘enough light’ with ‘too much light.’


Place it in a bright bathroom where humidity is high throughout the day. Occasional misting may be necessary if an adequate humidity level is not met.


You can use a liquid fertilizer diluted in half strength at least once a month. Avoid using too much, as the phosphorus salts can make it hard for the roots to get food from the soil.


Anthurium lilies are not propagated by leaf cuttings like many other house plants. They don’t generally have the longest indoor lifespan.


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