10 Unique Indoor Alocasia Varieties


Alocasia Frydek is a well-loved Alocasia plant for its wavy-edged foliage with prominent white veins. It's smaller than other Alocasia varieties and grows only 2-3 feet.

Alocasia micholitziana


This Alocasia variety has dramatic foliage with dark leaves that feel leathery and strong. It grows up to 3 feet, but you must work for it!

Alocasia nebula


Or Red Secret, is a bold and brassy Alocasia plant. It ranges from pale green to rich, dark bronze. It can grow up to 3 feet but typically grows around half a foot.

Alocasia cuprea


Black Magic or Black Panther is perfect if you're into dark and alien-looking plants. It sparkles a striking red in the right light!

Alocasia infernalis


Regal Shield is a hybrid of two other alocasias, creating a compact, colorful cultivar with pleasing traits from both.

Alocasia odora


Bambino is a dwarf Alocasia plant that reaches no more than a foot. It's perfect for limited space.

Alocasia amazonica


Or Alocasia Melo, is a rare Alocasia species that flaunts some of the thickest and most deeply ridged leaves in the Alocasia Family.

Alocasia rugosa


Sarian is a hybrid of A. zebrina and A. micholitziana that sprouts striped, zebra stems topped with huge, souped-up versions of the ruffled Frydek leaves.

Alocasia sarian


Grey Dragon is a unique and beautiful variety of elephant's ear plants. It is known for its distinctive grey-green, highly textured leaves.

Alocasia maharani


It's one of the rare Alocasia species with an interesting leaf pattern that sets it apart from the family. It has a lace-like network of fine variegations, like a spiderweb.

Alocasia zebrina


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