A Guide to Growing Hoya Kerrii


A Guide to Growing Hoya Kerrii


Hoyas are slow-growing plants; thus, they require patience to grow into a big and lush Hoya Kerrii vine. Growing into a fully mature plant will take up to three years from a stem cutting.

The easiest way to propagate Hoya plants is through stem cuttings. Don't worry too much about chopping your beloved plant. Hoyas are forgiving as long as you follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Prepare a small pot filled with a well-drained growing medium. Ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent excess moisture and root rot.

Step 2

Choose a healthy parent plant. Cut about 4 inches of stem with a single leaf. Remember that you cannot propagate without a node!

Step 3

Trim off any of its unnecessary leaves from the bottom of the cutting. I always pinch off or trim off the bottom set of leaves.

Step 4

Grab your small pot with the potting mix and gently stick the cut end of the stem cutting.  Moisten the soil for a few days until new roots develop.

Step 5

Gradually decrease watering and place the new plant in a bright, indirect light.

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