8 Unique Monstera Varieties to Grow

8 Unique Monstera Varieties to Grow

Create a lush, tropical jungle feel in your home with this fast-growing, unique silver  Monstera.

1 Monstera siltepecana

A small Monstera plant with shiny ovate leaves splashed with dark green and cream color.

2 Monstera standleyana

A climber with dark green leaves covered in white spotted pattern. It grows best on moss poles  and walls.

3 Monstera dubia

One of the most stunning Monstera with large, deeply lobed, dark green leaves. It instantly adds a tropical vibe  to any room!

4 Monstera  pinnatipartita

It's a fast-growing climbing plant that is hard to find but easy to care for! It has shiny, textured leaves that behave like a succulent.

5 Monstera  karstenianum

It has deeply lobed, triangular leaves with rich, bright green color in satin-like waxy finish that feels smooth.

6 Monstera spruceana

If you're into big Monstera, this is one of the rarest plants to collect. What's unique about this is its pinkish spathe.

7 Monstera oreophila

If you're into fragrant flowers, this Monstera is for you! It produces edible fruit great  for snacks.

8 Monstera subpinnata

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