8 Budget-Friendly DIY Backyard Ideas for a Cozy Pool Landscape


8 Budget-Friendly DIY Backyard Ideas for a Cozy Pool Landscape

Add a splash of colors, textures, and scents with flowers of your choice! Just pick out ones that will thrive in a moist, warm  pool environment.

1 Flower Beds

Use your favorite plants to create a natural barrier for your swimming pool. We recommend English Ivy or Bamboo.

2 Privacy Plant  Wall

If you don't have the area to plant, use flower pots to add greenery to your pool landscape. Some great plants are Bird of Paradise, ornamental bananas, and palm trees.

3 Flower pots

Add different colored accent plants or muted colors and green to your pool landscape with succulents! Our top choices are Crassula, Echeveria, or Aeoniums.

4 Succulents

Add a beautiful texture and interest to your backyard pool with heat-tolerant grasses.

5 Ornamental  Grass Border

If you want to elevate your in-ground style, shrubs are a great way. We recommend Geraniums, Sedum, and  Trumpet Vines.

6 Plant Shrubs

Add a romantic vibe to your outdoor space with waterproof lights. You can hang them with plants for a more cozy look  at night!

7 String Lights

If you need privacy ASAP, make a privacy screen where you can hang your plants and add some solar lights.

8 Privacy Screens

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