8 Bonsai Trees to Grow Indoors

8 Bonsai Trees to  Grow Indoors


This indoor tree has several varieties of ficus trees, but the Retusa is exceptionally low-maintenance.

1 Ginseng Ficus  (Ficus retusa)

During fall, this indoor tree will produce bright, vivid flowers that are a real delight! The red, purple, burgundy, and maroon creates a picturesque sight!

2 Japanese Maple

Jade plants grow with thick bulbous stems and ovular flesh as indoor bonsai. They're perfect as home accents and table decor.

3 Jade Plant

This indoor plant boasts small leaves on delicate branches, making it an alluring sight!

4 Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree (Ulmus parvifolia)

These deciduous trees have an eye-catching umbrella-like canopy. Like other ficus trees, they are easy to care for.

5 Ficus benjamina

This evergreen bonsai tree is known for its unique and astonishing shape that can withstand strenuous  trimming sessions.

6 Juniper Bonsai Tree

The finger-like leaves of Hawaiian umbrella bonsai, boast by its multiple trunks, make a spectacular canopy!

7 Dwarf Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Arboricola)

It is known for its slanting trunk with ovular green leaves as indoor bonsai plants.

8 Fukien Tea

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