7 Sunsational Dwarf Plants for Full Sun Gardens

7 Sunsational Dwarf Plants for Full Sun Gardens


This dwarf shrub makes a great foundation plant for high sun garden beds and is known  for its dark purple foliage.

1 Chinese Fringe Flower

In addition to its elegant spires of dark green leaves, Rosemary produces small but beautiful blooms from early spring to  late summer.

2 Rosemary

Lavandula angustifolia is a low-maintenance plant that thrives on very little water, making them one of the best small shrubs  for rock gardens.

3 English Lavender

This dwarf evergreen shrub typically produces fluffy white flowers much smaller than their full-sized cousins and is just as delicate to match.

4 Oakleaf Hydrangea

The blooms make a great cut flower with a fragrance that endures even after these  showy blooms are cut.

5 Gardenia

Azaleas are fussy, but once they’re in full bloom, you’ll be rewarded with massive clusters of bright flowers in shades of  red, pink, purple, or gold.

6 Dwarf Azalea

Most topiary shrubs need constant pruning to keep their shape, but not the Arborvitae, even under full sun!

7 Arborvitae

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