7 No-Drill Methods to Hang Plants in Apartments


If your apartment has metal beams running through the ceiling, all you need to hang plants are heavy-duty  magnets! Easy.

1 Magnetic Hooks

They are not only for shower curtains but also make an effortless way to hang beautiful plants. Just grab some S hooks  to hang plants.

2 Tension Rods

Did you know that there are self-adhesive hooks that can hold up to 16 pounds? Just stick them to your ceiling and hang plants without worrying  about weight.

3 Adhesive Hooks

If exposed beams are on your ceiling, use a C-Clamp to hang indoor plants. It's exceptionally stylish and gives an  industrial vibe!

4 C-Clamps

These little S-shaped hooks are often used to hang coats or bags, but you can easily use them to hang your plants, too!

5 Door Hooks

If you have an old clothing rack, consider recycling it as a plant hanger and creating a  hanging garden!

6 Hang Plants from  Coat Racks

This is a great idea for those with a skylight. You can apply suction cups with hooks onto the glass and let your plants enjoy  enough sunlight!

7 Suction Hooks

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