7 Great Ways to Hang Plants in an Apartment  (No Drilling)

If you live in a rental apartment, you may not be allowed to (or want to) drill any holes in your ceiling. Fair enough. So here are 7 clever ways to hang plants in your apartment.

Magnetic Hooks Apartments are commonly built with metal beams running through the ceiling. If this is the case, all you will need to hang plants are heavy-duty magnets! Easy.

Tension Rods These are commonly used as shower curtains, but they make an effortless way to hang beautiful plants. Use S hooks to attach plants, then throw up some macrame plant hangers.

Adhesive Hooks Self-adhesive hooks that can hold up to 16 pounds are available in the market. All you need to do is attach them to your ceiling and effortlessly hang your plant with no worries.

C-Clamps If you have exposed beams on your ceiling, using a C-Clamp to hang indoor plants is great. This method looks exceptionally stylish if your living space has an industrial vibe!

Door Hooks These little S-shaped hooks are often used to hang coats or bags, but you can easily use them to hang your plants, too! They are super easy and quick to install!

Hang Plants from Coat Racks If you have an unused clothing rack, consider recycling it as a plant hanger and creating a hanging garden!

Suction Hooks This is a great idea for those with a skylight. You can apply suction cups with hooks onto the glass  and let your plants enjoy enough sunlight!

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