10 Dwarf Plants for Full Sun

5 Perfect Dwarf Plants for Full Sun in Small Gardens


A sprawling, dwarf shrub that makes a great foundation plant for high sun garden beds. It’s best known for its dark purple foliage.

1 Chinese Fringe Flower

Our favorite herb reaches no more than 3 feet high and fits small spaces! It produces beautiful blooms from early spring to late summer and hosts pollinating insects!

2 Rosemary

It’s a fantastic choice around pathways and edges, as even the most delicate touch releases that characteristic lavender fragrance.

3 English Lavender

A small species that typically reach 4 feet and can be pruned into smaller, more pleasing shapes! Their huge nodding  mop-heads will make a beautiful accent in your small garden!

4 Oakleaf Hydrangea

Flowers are crisp, bright white, and it’s such a well-loved plant that there’s a variety for just about any set of conditions.

5 Gardenia

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