5 Bad Luck Plants in Front of the House and 5 Lucky Alternatives

5 Bad Luck Plants in Front of the House and 5 Lucky Alternatives

Keeping dead plants in front of the house attracts negative energy and, in some traditions, evil spirits.

1 Dead Plants

Not only do they collect dust, but they also build up negative energy. In Feng Shui, cleanliness promotes good energy, so avoid these plants.

2 Fake Plants

If you're a bonsai enthusiast, consider moving them away from your living space this 2023. Stunted trees are believed to be holding back their full potential.

3 Bonsai Trees

This elegant beauty should be outdoors this 2023. It attracts negative energy and low vibrations.

4 Weeping Fig

We know you love the Birkins, but it's time to move them outdoors this 2023. Toxicity attracts bad energy.

5 Philodendrons

This good luck plant with coin-shaped leaves will invite good fortune into your home. The frequent growing 'pups' signifies abundance.

1 Chinese Money Plant

Its nice round leaves are like thick, heavy coins that attract success. It's long-lived and signifies good fortune.

2 Jade Plant

Its heart-shaped leaves and reliable growth promote good energy.

3 Golden Pothos

One of the best plants for prosperity that are tough and enduring. Plus, they are headed upwards toward the heavens.

4 Lucky Bamboo

The thick, glossy leaves attract good things to your home. Burgundy varieties are especially lucky, as purple promotes prosperity this 2023.

5 Rubber Tree

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