3 Best DIY Succulent Kits


Succulents are incredibly versatile plants and come in many colors, shapes, and textures, which means there are endless possibilities to  create a unique succulent piece.

If you don't know how to start, you can try any of these 3 DIY succulent kits we picked out that you will surely love!


They offer a variety of succulent plants, plus a few adorable accessories to make your arrangement stand out!

DIY Garden Kit from The Succulent Source


This kit contains everything you need, including soil and five types of little succulents to plant in your terrarium.

Crystal Succulent Terrarium Kit from Simply Succulents


The planter can be hung anywhere in the home or outdoors, as it comes with a rope to hang it wherever your heart pleases!

Hanging Succulent Kit from Succulent Gift Shop

Click the link to learn how to make your own DIY succulent kit! 👇

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