25 of the Best Bonsai Types for Indoor Growers

The indoor art of bonsai is not strictly for bonsai experts. So we listed 25 indoor species well-suited for bonsai beginners to get you inspired.

1 Ficus Retusa (Ginseng Ficus) Widely regarded as the most popular choice for indoor tree species, this stellar species of ficus hails from the mulberry family of plants and belongs to all tropical regions of the world.

2 Ficus Benjamina Commonly known as the ‘Weeping Fig'.  Its eye-catching, canopy-like dense foliage is perfect for your indoor living room.

3 Willow Leaf Ficus Named after the famous weeping willow tree, this ficus species is known for its tall trunk and sharply lengthened green leaves.

4 Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree (Ulmus Parvifolia) This beautiful bonsai boasts numerous delicate branch ramifications and small dark green leaves, making it quite an alluring sight.

5 Japanese Maple With its thick trunk and hand-shaped leaves, this type of tree will alleviate your indoor living space tenfold.

6 Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) Jade trees belong to the dry regions of South Africa. The bonsai is a soft and fleshy species with ovular succulent green leaves, which are immensely attractive.

7 Dwarf Jade The only difference between a dwarf jade bonsai and regular jade is shape and design; everything else is the same.

8 Juniper This evergreen bonsai tree species is known for its unique and astonishing shape. Its proportions can be mind-boggling, making it one of the best indoor bonsai trees for a bonsai lover looking for ornamental attraction.

9 Fukien Tea The Fukien tea loves the outdoors, but it is widely grown as an indoor bonsai. Its informal slanting trunk and ovular dark green leaves make for a stunning image.

10 Hawaiian Umbrella (Schefflera Arboricola) A mesh of gnarled trunks holds a canopy of dense compounding leaves, striking an astonishing picture.

11 Japanese White Pine With its resilience and beauty, characterized by its conical shape and upright branch, the Japanese white pine is one of the most popular indoor pine bonsai trees.

12 Norfolk Island Pine   The striking design of its needle-like leaves swirling around the upright trunk provides an appealing visual. This indoor bonsai type is a robust plant that loves the indoors.

13 Snow Rose This subtropical species is known for its small white flowers that appear in the growing season from spring through summer.

14 Ponytail Palm This distinctly shaped bonsai has a woody, thick trunk along with tall leaves dropping down from the sides, giving a ponytail feature. It is an attention-grabber for sure.

15 Money Tree As a token of good luck, the money tree is one of the most famous tropical bonsai plant species around.

16 Malyan Banyan Aerial roots and a wide trunk are always exciting on a bonsai. The Malyan Banyan bonsai’s trunk also has an alien-like texture, which looks surreal.

17 Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree Thanks to their color variations, these colorful tiny trees are a sight to behold; they have glassy green leaves, small white flowers that emerge during spring, and red, orange, yellow, and green fruits that sprout during autumn.

18 Baobab Bonsai Tree Belonging to the dry savannas of Africa, this unique bonsai species has a thick furrowed trunk that distinguishes it from the rest of  the crowd.

19 Pomegranate Bonsai Tree These great trees provide a scrumptious fruit that grows on this superb bonsai with oblong leaves and enticing red flowers.

20 Brazilian Rain Bonsai Tree Reminiscent of the Brazilian rainforest, this bonsai species has dense foliage that closes when the sun is out and opens when it shines. It also boasts flowers that have a pleasant scent.

21 East Asian Cherry Bonsai Tree Known for their alluring pink and white flowers during spring and mouth-watering fruit in the summer, cherry bonsai trees are a treat to grow.

22 Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree The bougainvillea is a shrub that produces purple or magenta flowers in clusters of three. They provide vibrant colors to your bonsai collection and are a must-have for many.

23 Birch Bonsai Tree Known for its white bark and colorful leaves, birch is a no-nonsense species to have.

24 Desert Rose Bonsai Tree The desert rose is a small tree with a bulbous base and fleshy leaves. Under suitable conditions, it produces pink and purple flowers.

25 Cedar Bonsai Tree Belongs to a tall and handsome coniferous species that develops a slightly arching main bark with time. Its branches have separate foliages for each, providing a unique terraced sight.

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