15 Fragrant Plants and Herbs that Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are annoying and they also cause diseases, infections, and health issues and kill hundreds of thousands  of people a year.

While there are tons of mosquito repellents to keep them away and prevent bug bites, many contain strong chemicals that can be dangerous for the environment and our skin.

So here are 15 best herbs that repel mosquitos you can add to your vegetable garden. Each has an organic  distinct smell that you can enjoy while keeping the pests away.

1 Citronella Geranium The perennial herb has wonderfully fragrant leaves and is an amazing way to keep mosquitoes away. It is also one of the main ingredients of commercial mosquito repellents.

2 Floss Flower These are not too strong in repelling mosquitoes, but their purple flowers look adorable in the garden. The thin leaves of floss flowers joined at the bottom look like purple fur placed on a plant.

3 Citronella Grass It’s an effective mosquito repellent with wide use that you can grow in your kitchen garden. Citronella plant is effective in giving you good protection as one of the strongest bug repellents.

4 Peppermint Coming from the mint family, it is a must-have plant in the house. You can enjoy its enormous benefits, such as a healthy peppermint tea first thing in the morning to flush your system with the benefit that it repels mosquitoes from the house.

5 Lavender The aroma of lavender has been proven to help relieves anxiety and stress and to improve sleep quality. The lavender plants keep you sane but drive mosquitoes insane due to their strong scent. It works for moths and flies as well.

6 Lemon Balm Its’ refreshing scent will make you fall in love with the plant, which will grow deeper as it stops bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects from moving uninvited into your place.

7 Catnip Catnip contains a substance called nepetalactone which is an oil that can cause behavioral changes in a cat but is also good for keeping insects and bugs away from the environment.

8 Mint Mint smells fresh, and mosquitoes and bugs pick up the menthol in their scent receptors which deters them from the environment, so you win in both cases.

9 Citrosum Some studies might claim it is not very effective as a mosquito-repellany, but having it in your herb garden certainly won’t do any harm as it’s a zesty ingredient for cooking.

10 Marigolds These cheerful and vividly colorful flowers are not just an attraction for the eyes but your protector. Being in your garden, these flowers repel mosquitoes giving off a strong fragrance, and are an ingredient of many insect repellents.

11 Sage Sage in your backyard will help keep flying bugs and mosquitoes away whenever you have a good bonfire. Put some of their sticks into your fire pit or BBQ, and it’s done.

12 Garlic Garlic not only repels insects, but the plant’s leaves can be used in salads with the bulbs for cooking, this has been linked to a long list of  health benefits.

13 Rosemary Just like basil, mint, and peppermint, you can have another cooking herb to do a double job in your garden and keep mosquitoes away.

14 Pennyroyal This plant, with its’ delicate purple flowers, is a beautiful addition to your flower bed and a landing platform for butterflies; however, it keeps the other bugs away.

15 Geraniums The beautiful-looking colorful flower plant works amazingly as a mosquito repellent. It even looks attractive when planted in a hanging basket having its branches drooping, loaded with flowers.

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