15 Easy DIY  Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Turn your plain old pool into a genuine outdoor oasis, or a cozy dinner area to invite friends and family, with these easy DIY backyard pool landscaping ideas!

1 Flower Beds Install a sunken, flat, or raised flower beds around the sides of your pool to add a splash of colors, textures, and scents!

2 String Lights Add an ambient and romantic atmosphere to your backyard pool without breaking a sweat!

3 Privacy Screens This is perfect if you don't want neighbors peeking at your pool parties or seeing you sunbathing on summery afternoons.

4 Water Features Waterfall, sprinkler, or fountain add liveliness to your backyard pool or a sense of serenity to your space.

5 Seating Area Adding a cozy place to sit around your swimming pool will make the backyard pool area much more attractive.

6 Retaining Wall This helps protect against soil and rocks falling onto the patio or pool, which can cause severe damage.

7 Stone Slab Walkway A creative way to add rustic farmhouse vibes to your backyard without spending a lot of money or energy.

8 Wooden Deck It makes your pool look more put-together and eliminates dirty tracks around your pool.

9 Pool Lights LED pool lights can be color-changing or adjustable, making setting the right mood in your backyard easy.

10 Privacy Plant Wall These natural barriers provide safety and privacy without breaking the bank. You can use English Ivy or bamboo.

11 Solar Lights Because they require no electricity and run entirely on sunlight, they are the perfect substitute for LED lights and can save you a lot of money.

12 Flower Pots Potted flowers and plants are a good idea if you want to add some greenery to your pool area but can’t plant into your garden soil.

13 River Rock Garden This is perfect if you want a low-maintenance and simple ground cover. The  deep grey color will  look stunning next to the water.

14 Fireplace This will provide natural ambient lighting during summer nights and help you keep warm and cozy on late summer or fall nights.

15 Succulents These plants can thrive in hot, dry climates, and they are affordable and easy to find at your local garden store!

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