15 Best Hanging Plants that Do Not Need Sunlight

Hanging plants are versatile and impressive companions for those looking to spruce their indoor space. These hanging plants grow under low light and shade and will surely add aesthetics to your home!

                               1                      Spider Plant          (Chlorophytum comosum) The spider-like shape of its leaves makes it perfect as a hanging plant. Plus, they're super easy to grow!

                               2                       Air Plants These epiphytes can grow on other plants or objects without soil and require only a little sunlight. They're perfect as indoor hanging plants.

                               3                     Staghorn Fern This epiphyte is a dominant-looking fixture plant in indoor or outdoor settings. They make beautiful house plants and can be attached to any surface.

                              4                       English Ivy This is the perfect plant if you're looking for fast-growing ornamental plants that reach lengths up to 100 feet! They can be easily trained as ground cover or wall cover.

                              5           Heartleaf Philodendron            (Philodendron cordatum) This tropical plant typically grows in moist, shady areas adding to its appeal for those looking for a lush tropical vibe.

                              6                      Snake Plant            (Sansevieria trifasciata) The Mother-in-Law's tongue is a succulent plant with long, upright pointed leaves with bands of green and yellow.

                              7                         ZZ Plant  One of the best indoor hanging plants, they thrive under little sunlight and are super easy to care for! They have deep green, waxy leaves that are highly resistant to pests and diseases.

                              8                      Boston Fern Their large, sprawling foliage makes great outdoor fixtures to cover ugly corners and dirty areas that need a touch-up. They're fast growers, so they can easily fill small spaces.

                              9                   Birds Nest Fern These hanging planters don’t need much sunlight because of their aerial roots, which grow down from the leaves and form hanging structures that resemble nests.

                             10          Chinese Evergreen Plant It’s an easy-to-care-for plant that has dark, vibrant green leaves with a prominent white vein running down the center. It grows in clumps up to 2 feet tall.

                             11               Donkey's Tail Plant                      (Burro's Tail) It is a succulent plant with long, fleshy leaves which hang perfectly and give an interesting accent to any space.

                             12                  Maidenhair Fern Since the arms of these plants extend outward in all directions, their appearance inside a hanging pot is a sight to see.

                             13                    Golden Pothos                        (Devil's Ivy) These heart-shaped vines are low-maintenance plants that can grow in low-light conditions. What's even great is they remove toxins from the air.

                              14                 Mistletoe Cactus Some people even design their indoor space with these beauties, as they look exceptionally good in different types of creative hanging planters.

                             15                  Sweet Alyssum This wonderful little white flowering plant is a member of the cabbage family. Fill your space with their fragrant flowers for a summer  vibe in the air.

Click on the link to learn more about these hanging plants'  USDA Hardiness Zones and  indoor growing conditions.