15 Best Bloom Booster Fertilizers for Your Flowers in 2023

Did you know that plants also benefit greatly from the right bloom booster fertilizer at the right time? Bloom Boosters encourage your flowers to create larger and heavier blooms as they have the base nutrients to encourage them to grow strong.

Here's our top pick of bloom boosters for flowering plants for you to choose from this summer.

1 Miracle-Gro Flower Food Our top recommended water-soluble fertilizer with high phosphate comes in a 15-30-15 ratio. It's simple to use and provides the best results for both annual and perennial flowers.

2 Jobe's Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer This granular fertilizer is a perfect choice for almost all roses and other flowers, with an N-P-K ratio of 3-5-3. It's one of the market's best fast-acting, organic fertilizers.

3 FoxFarm Happy Frog All-Purpose Fertilizer An all-purpose fertilizer is one of the best, as it's an effective flower fertilizer with active organic matter and beneficial soil microbes.

4 Osmocote Smart-Release Flower Food A 3 in 1 product that also acts as insect and disease control. An  N-P-K ratio of 15-9-12 will help your plants grow lush green quickly.

5 Jack's Classic Blossom Booster This water-soluble compound boosts plants grown in less-than-ideal soil as it has a higher-nutrient availability than others, with an  N-P-K ratio of 10-30-20.

6 Dr. Earth Flower Girl Organic Bud & Bloom Booster With an N-P-K ratio of 3-9-4, this fertilizer contains a fishbone meal, alfalfa meal, potassium sulfate, feather meal, kelp meal, and kelp flour, which are carefully combined to produce happy blooms.

7 Espoma Organic Bone Meal This is one of the best natural sources of phosphorus for blooming plants. The N-P-K ratio  4-12-0 also provides enough nitrogen to promote strong leaf development.

8 Scotts Super Bloom Fertilizer This water-soluble bloom booster fertilizer has N-P-K 12-55-6. The high concentration of phosphorus aids in quicker plant maturation and abundant bud development.

9 Farmer's Secret Fruit & Bloom Booster Farmer's Secret Fruit & Bloom Booster contains zinc, iron, and supplemental macro- and micronutrients suitable for vegetable plants.

10 Ferti-Lome Blooming & Rooting Plant Food These granules are water-soluble and concentrate on the general health of your plants as it encourages the growth of strong roots and more blooms.

11 Flower Fuel This potent mixture of resin and essential oils helps produce thick and magnificent blooms as it contains 40 nutrients.

12 Envy Bloom Special With an NPK ratio of 10-50-10, this water-soluble liquid plant food has professional-grade nutrients for healthy plant blooms.

13 Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care This is another of the best organic bloom booster fertilizers with an NPK ratio of 9-14-9 and prevents diseases/insects.

14 Down to Earth Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer It's the ideal combination of phosphorus and calcium for strong plant stock and gorgeous flowers, derived from bone meal and containing calcium.

15 Bloom Booster Incredible Bulk The balanced combination of potash and phosphate (N-P-K  0.1-10-25) boosts flower garden productivity while enhancing color brightness and general potency.

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