10 Ways to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails in the Garden


Slug pellets and snail baits are also toxic to birds and beneficial insects. We recommend using iron phosphate or ferric phosphate as less hazardous alternatives.

1 Poison

Slugs like a bit of brew to wash down their evening meal. This slug trap will drown slimy pests and kill them instantly!

2 Beer Traps

This white mineral burrows into the soft tissue of slimy pests and lacerate them inside and out. Grim!

3 Diatomaceous  Earth

The rough surface of the grounds damages the soft underbelly of snails and slugs, and the scent drives them away!

4 Coffee Grounds

Copper cause pain to the soft wet tissue of the slugs and snails, almost like a mild electric shock.

5 Copper Tape or Copper Wire

The slimy trails are not strong enough to protect them from egg shells. My grandfather swore by this method!

6 Egg Shells

This slug trap absorbs moisture from the slimy pests as they cross it, trapping them on its surface for later removal.

7 Wool Pellets

Photo Credits: ELF Pellet Mills

Citrus fruits and melon rind are effective slug traps that are biodegradable and affordable!

8 Organic  Slug Traps

The sharp, jagged texture of the leaves and natural resin damage slugs and snails. Use it as cover mulch and prevent weeds as well.

9 Pine Needles

If you have a small garden, it's economical to simply remove them yourself. Hunt these slimy vermin around early evening.

10 Physical Removal

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