10 Unique Monstera To Add to Your Home

The Obliqua resembles Monstera adansonii, except that it has large fenestrations making it look like a skeleton.

1 Monstera obliqua

Silver Monstera has stunning silver variegation and different shades of green on its leaves, making it a real showstopper plant.

1 Monstera siltepecana

The Standleyana leaves have shiny ovate leaves splashed with dark green and cream color, which can grow up to  9 inches long.

2 Monstera standleyana

Mini Monstera or Rhaphidophora tetrasperma has young leaves divided into numerous smaller sections called leaflets.

4 Mini Monstera

Dubia or Shingle Plant stands out from other plants because its dark green leaves are covered in a white spotted pattern.

5 Monstera dubia

One of the most stunning Monstera with large, deeply lobed, dark green leaves. This makes a perfect table accent!

6 Monstera  pinnatipartita

Or Monstera Peru is a climbing plant that is easy to care for! It has shiny, textured leaves that behave like a succulent.

5 Monstera  karstenianum

The Subpinnata is a rare Monstera that produces fragrant, white flowers. It's a fast-growing plant that requires minimal care.

8 Monstera subpinnata

Green Handbag

Unlike other Monstera species, Borsigiana has large, glossy leaves with deep veins running across the foliage.

9 Monstera borsigiana

It is best known for its pinkish spathe that stands out from its gigantic leaves. It has  a vining habit so grow it on a moss pole.

10 Monstera oreophila

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