Plants in the Dark: 10 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Gardening Ideas

Decorate your flower beds with plastic skeletons and tombstones to make it seem like the dead are crawling out of your garden beds, and create a haunted garden!

1 Skeleton  Garden Bed

Instead of throwing out your dying greens, get creative and fill your front porch with long, spindly vines, crispy black stems, and large, withered leaves.

2 Dying Plants

Adding glow-in-the-dark eyes, black ribbon, and plastic spiders to your scarecrow is an easy way to turn a regular old scarecrow into a Halloween garden décor!

3 DIY Floral  Scarecrow

If you’ve got a large tree on your front lawn, take advantage of it by hanging or sticking tons of string light eyes onto the bark.

4 Enchant Large  Trees with Eyes

This year, I plan on using my hand-carved pumpkins as planters for my outdoor plants as a simple way to create Halloween-inspired fall porch decor.

5 Jack-O-Lantern Planters

Black or dark-leaved plants like the Raven ZZ Plant, Alocasia Amazonica Polly, or Philodendron Black Cardinal, they can also be handy assets in your Halloween decorations!

6 Decorate with  Black Houseplants

Use hot glue to attach artificial spider legs to your cacti pots to make them look like giant spiders creeping on your front steps; yikes!

7  Creepy Cactus Spiders

Have you got climbing vines on your outdoor walls, such as Ivy, Climbing Hydrangea, or Roses? Dress them up in Halloween spirits by adding white ghosts or skeleton ghosts.

8 Ghosts Caught  in Climbing Vines

Did you know you can easily upgrade your homemade wreath by adding spooky elements such as faux eyeballs and cobwebs?

9 DIY Eyeball Halloween Wreath

One of my favorite Halloween garden ideas is adding monster eyes or arms to my plants. Simply stick the eyes and arms inside  the soil.

10 Monsters  from Plants

10 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Gardening Ideas (2023)

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