10 Non-Toxic House Plants Safe for Cats

10 Non-Toxic House Plants Safe for Cats


The long-cascading stems with the baby spider plants are safe for our friends! They're easy to care for and best planted in hanging baskets.

1 Spider Plants

Fern leaves are not only safe for cats, but they also purify the air from toxins and cigarette smoke. They are ideal for entrance halls, offices, lobbies, and shaded verandahs.

2 Boston Fern

The Twister or Lipstick Vine has cascading twisted leaves and bright red flowers resembling red lipstick. The leaves gracefully swing when moved.

3 Lipstick Plant

If you're into carnivorous plants, the good news is that Venus Flytraps do not harm our furry pets. They make an interesting addition to our house plants and are easy to care for.

4 Venus Flytrap

This succulent is a great addition to your home if you have pets. They are non-toxic and make great hanging features with  eye-catching patterns!

5 Burro's Tail

Other Peperomias, like Peperomia frost, are non-toxic and safe for our pets. They can handle low lights, making them a great option for shelves and  desktops.

6 Baby Rubber Plant

This pet-friendly house plant is known for its spectacular large and colorful oval leaves that can be displayed in many settings around the home.

7 Prayer Plant

Ponytail palm makes an eye-catching piece if you're looking for a tropical vibe at home. It's easy to care for and safe for  our pets.

8 Ponytail Palm

These attractive open-air plants are an excellent choice for businessmen or women wanting to bring a little natural element onto their desks.

9 Parlor Palm

This non-toxic plant with different color options makes a great ornamental feature for table tops and window sills.

10 African Violet

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