10 Most Stunning Monstera Adansonii Varieties

10 Most Stunning Monstera Adansonii Varieties


This fast-growing plant can grow massive foliage (up to 26” in length!) and can be found growing on trees in the tropical forests of Brazil.

1 Monstera Adansonii Klotzschiana Schott

Albo Adansonii are white-and-green plants that have gained massive popularity over the past years and are becoming increasingly available worldwide.

2 Monstera Adansonii Variegata

The Archipelago is twice as variegated as the Albo Adansonii. This Swiss cheese plant can grow white foliage!

3 Monstera Adansonii Archipelago

This plant’s leaf shape and size are similar to the regular green Adansonii, but the Laniata has glossy, textured leaves instead of smooth and matte foliage!

4 Monstera Adansonii Laniata

It's known to grow large, oval-shaped, and skeletal fenestrations on the leaves. It has a more wavy look and a slightly blue hue.

5 Monstera Adansonii Blanchetii

This plant can grow massive heart-shaped leaves, especially as a climbing plant. It grows small fenestrations on the center of the leaves.

6 Monstera Adansonii Acacoyaguensis

Instead of blocks and specks of white variegation, like the Albo Monstera, the Adansonii Mint and Aurea have marbled, cream, yellow, and dark green leaves.

7 Monstera Adansonii Aurea / Mint

This rare plant is famous for its massive holes, which can grow so big that it looks like a skeleton version of the regular Adansonii (hence the name ‘Esqueleto’)!

8 Monstera Epipremnoides “Esqueleto”

This delicately rare plant grows holes that almost overtake the entire plant, leaving only a thin outline of the leaf.

9 Monstera Obliqua Peru

The Monstera Friedrichsthalii is not any different than the regular Adansonii. It’s just the same old plant under a different name!

10 Monstera Adansonii Friedrichsthalii

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