10 Most Popular Euphorbia Types

10 Most Popular Euphorbia Types


Euphorbia milii grows long, succulent stems with thick spines; at the top, you will find thick, tear-shaped, fleshy leaves.

1 Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia trigona is a sculptural plant that will make an authentic statement piece in your home!

2 African Milk Tea

Euphorbia tirucalli's long, thin, pencil-like foliage makes a unique piece at home and this is perfect if you're a forgetful plant parent!

3 Pencil cactus

Euphorbia ammak has a unique, wave-like pattern that looks mesmerizing inside an indoor garden underneath a sunroof!

4 Candelabra Spurge

Euphorbia lactea is often mistaken as a cactus because of its cactus-like stem with spines along the margins.

5 Mottled Spurge/  Dragon Bone Tree

Surprised? Yes, our favorite plant every Christmas season is a Euphorbia! It blooms colorful bracts in late winter and can be pruned to rebloom yearly.

6 Poinsettia

Euphorbia amygdaloides is a great garden perennial if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant that adds color and texture to your garden.

7 Wood Spurge

Euphorbia ingens is a popular choice for gardeners who live in dry areas, as the plant can reach over 30 feet and is very low-maintenance.

8 Candelabra Tree

Euphorbia obesa is a unique and fun plant to grow. Sadly, in their native habitat in South Africa, the Baseball Plant is considered to be endangered.

9 Baseball Plant

Euphorbia Abyssinica is often mistaken for other Euphorbia succulent types. But it grows a cluster of green leaves at the top of the plant and has a more vertical growth pattern.

10 Desert Candle

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