10 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas to Make Your Landscape Pop

10 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas to Make Your Landscape Pop


Who says a garden bed is only for the ground? Make the most out of your small space with a vertical garden bed. The plant options are endless!

1 Vertical Garden Bed

This old tree stump could be a nuisance to remove, so why not use it as a point of adverse visual interest?

2 Log and Tree  Stump Beds

These low-maintenance and easy-care plants pair perfectly in a simple rock garden bed to create a unique look.

3 Cactus and Succulent Garden Bed

Adding a seating area to these raised beds brings color and vibrance to your social area, not to mention a place to show off your best flowering plants.

4 Raised Bed  Outdoor Seating Bed

These logs serve as a great natural border and bring an organic appeal like the log and tree stump beds.

5 Log Edged  Flower Beds

Harvest your food with a humble garden made of vegetables and herbs! You can do them in vertical structures, too.

6 Food Bank Beds

Take away bright contrasts and introduce light contrasts that blend well with vintage scenes and modern architecture with a monochromatic flower bed.

7 Monochromatic  Flower Bed

If you're a naturalist gardener, plant flowers to attract butterflies and bees. They are not only aesthetic but will also help pollinate flowers of food plants!

8 Butterfly & Bee  Garden Bed

Enhance the visual effect of flower beds with trellises! Creepers, Ivy, and other climbers will make a stunning low, maintenance showpiece!

9 Flowered Trellises

The humble old wheelbarrow, with vintage tools, can create an interesting vintage gardening scene in your garden as a  focal point.

10 Wheelbarrow  Garden Bed

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