10 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas

10 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas


Make the most out of your small space with a vertical garden bed. You can plant herbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants. The options are endless!

1 Vertical Garden Bed

Carve out an old tree stump or a piece of driftwood and fill it with beautiful flowers like Tulips, Daffodils, and other annual flowers.

2 Log and Tree  Stump Beds

Do you have an area with full sun? Make a rock garden and add these low-maintenance and easy-care plants to create a simple landscape.

3 Cactus and Succulent Garden Bed

Add a seating area to your raised flower beds to show them off to your friends and family and chill out in your garden.

4 Raised Bed  Outdoor Seating Bed

Log edge is a great idea if you want a natural look for your flower beds. Use pieces of cut logs from small trees to create an organic look to your lawn.

5 Log Edged  Flower Beds

Plant and harvest food like herbs and vegetables on your flower beds. You can pick out colorful vegetables to make your garden more aesthetic!

6 Food Bank Beds

If you're into modern architecture, try monochromatic flower beds that remove bright contrasts and introduce light contrasts that blend well with vintage scenes.

7 Monochromatic  Flower Bed

Bring out the naturalist in you and plant flowers that attract butterflies and bees. They are not only aesthetic but will also help pollinate flowers of food plants!

8 Butterfly & Bee  Garden Bed

Enhance the visual effect of flower beds with trellises! Creepers, Ivy, and other climbers will make a stunning low- maintenance showpiece!

9 Flowered Trellises

Turn your old wheelbarrow and other vintage tools to create an interesting vintage gardening scene in your garden.

10 Wheelbarrow  Garden Bed

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