10 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas to Add Colors to your Landscape


Bring your garden to life with beautiful ornamental grass beds. There are many varieties to choose from, some producing colorful flowers.

1 Ornamental Grass Bed

These easy plants pair well with a rock garden. The gray river rocks can make colorful succulents pop.

2 Cactus and Succulent Garden Bed

Turn old tree stumps into a nice flower bed. It makes a natural focal point in your garden.

3 Log and Tree  Stump Beds

Make the most out of your small space with a vertical garden bed where you can plant vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants.

4 Vertical Garden Bed

Adding a seating area to these raised beds brings color and vibrance to your social area, not to mention a place to show off your best flowering plants.

5 Raised Bed  Outdoor Seating Bed

Choose two colors of flowers and plant them alternately or randomly to make a beautiful flower bed. Show them off  in your front yard.

6 Dichromatic  Garden Bed

The design options are endless for this durable object, as it does well with other garden designs.

7 Hanging Plastic  Bottle Planters

If you have a steep slope at home, turn it into a retaining wall and plant it with ornamental grasses or annual flowers.

8 Rock Retaining  Wall Beds

Turn an old wheelbarrow into a flower bed and place it in the center of your garden to make a beautiful accent.

9 Wheelbarrow  Garden Bed

Welcome your guests with a lovely mailbox bed planted with colorful flowers.

10 Mailbox Bed

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