10 Best Full Sun Plants for Hanging Baskets

10 Best Full Sun Plants for Hanging Baskets


Sweet Alyssum is a sweet trailing plant perfect for hanging baskets under full sun. It attracts butterflies and bees with its sweet scent.

1 Sweet Alyssum

Yes, that's right! You can also plant sweet potato in hanging basket flowers. They are the ornamental version of the edible tuber we love!

2 Sweet Potato Vine

If you're looking for hardy, perennial plants for hanging baskets in full sun, try this plant with gorgeous, glossy leaves!

3 Ivy

A late summer bloomer, this beautiful wildflower will surely brighten up your space in full sun!

4 Black-Eyed Susan

This colorful flower comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for hanging basket in full and heat.

5 Moss Rose

If you like to add interesting shapes to your full sun garden, try these low-maintenance, outdoor hanging plants.

6 String of Pearls

Another trailing plant option for hanging baskets, these hardy perennials will surely add  texture to your space.

7 String of Dolphins

A popular choice for hanging baskets, wave of petunias have hardy flowers that complement the full sun.

8 Wave Petunias

Dwarf Lavender is a fragrant cultivar of English Lavender that's also perfect for hanging baskets in full sun and heat.

9 Munstead Dwarf Lavender

Ivy Geranium is a trailing plant in different colors and blooms in sunny spots!

10 Ivy Geranium

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