10 Flower Bed Ideas for a Vibrant Landscape


Wildflower gardens include colorful annual flowers, grasses, and perennial plants and work well together with a water feature.

1 Wildflower  Garden Bed

Using retaining walls of natural rocks and plants terraced down the slope is a great way to beautify a piece of landscape in the garden.

2 Rock Retaining  Wall Beds

Ornamental grasses are a great idea for minimal areas. They are natural and attractive in a garden with little water.

3 Ornamental Grass Bed

Who says a garden bed is only for the ground? Make the most out of your small space with a vertical garden bed. The plant options are endless!

4 Vertical Garden Bed

A seating bed is a great idea if you like taking breaks in your garden. It can also be an outdoor entertainment area for  friends and family.

5 Raised Bed Outdoor Seating Bed

These low-maintenance and easy-care plants pair perfectly in rock gardens.

6 Cactus and Succulent Garden Bed

One of my favorite flower bed ideas is to use a more natural look, and old trees or parts are being turned into beautiful  focal points.

7 Log and Tree  Stump Beds

Don't throw away logs from a small tree; use them as the edge of flower beds. They give a natural vibe to any garden.

8 Log Edged  Flower Beds

This type of design is common in Mediterranean-type homes, as the simple color balance gives a soft yet attractive appearance.

9 Monochromatic  Flower Bed

Use an old wheelbarrow to hold soil and colorful plants and place them in the center of your garden to make a beautiful story scene.

10 Wheelbarrow  Garden Bed

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