10 Euphorbia Types to Decorate Your Home


Legend has it that the crown Jesus wore at his crucifixion was made from the Crown of Thorns, hence the name. The hardy plant can produce adorable flowers in pink and red throughout the year.

1 Euphorbia milii

Or known as African Milk Tea. It's a sculptural plant that can withstand long periods of drought. They make a nice statement piece at home.

2 Euphorbia trigona

Or the Pencil cactus. It has long, thin, pencil-like foliage that makes a unique piece at home. They thrive without water for a long time.

3 Euphorbia tirucalli

Euphorbia ammak has a unique, wave-like pattern that looks mesmerizing inside an indoor garden underneath a sunroof!

4 Candelabra Spurge

The Mottled Spurge or Dragon Bone Tree is a cactus-like succulent from the tropics of Asia. It makes a nice table piece or accent in rock gardens.

5 Euphorbia lactea

Surprisingly, Poinsettia belongs to Euphorbia succulents. They are everywhere during the holiday season. They show off colorful bracts in late winter.

6 Euphorbia pulcherrima

Or Wood Spurge. It's a hardy perennial euphorbia. It grows lime-green, showy blooms during late spring and summer.

7 Euphorbia amygdaloides

Also known as Candelabra Tree. It has a wave-like pattern, making it a unique home accent piece. They are beautiful underneath a sunroof!

8 Euphorbia ingens

Or Baseball Plant. It has a unique shape that would make a perfect table accent. Sadly, they are endangered in their native habitat in South Africa.

9 Euphorbia obesa

They are often mistaken as cactus plants because of their spike. This bushy succulent shrub is perfect in a rock garden.

10 Euphorbia Baioensis

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