10 Easy Self-Watering Planters in 2023


10 Easy Self-Watering Planters in 2023


Recycle plastic bottles lying around the house. Just cut them in half and flip the bottle upside down. Easy!

1 Plastic Bottle Self-Watering Planter

Photo Credits:Jonathan Fong

This is like the first one, except we need empty wine bottles and a glass cutter. This makes more elegant self-watering pots.

2 Self-Watering Glass Bottle Planter

Photo Credits: Remark Glass

The drip system provides constant and even moisture to the soil and is suitable for outdoor plants, trees, or herbs.

3 Deep Water  Bottle System

Photo Credits: The Big Boat

This self-watering foam box planter is an excellent option for vegetable, herb garden, or general outdoor use.

4 Self-Watering Foam Box Planter

Photo Credits: The Handy Gardener

This is another easy-to-make self-watering planter that will provide constant moisture for your plants!

5 Upside Down Bottle Irrigation

Photo Credits: Grow Food Not Lawns

Turn your cute pots into self-watering containers by staking recycled planters.

6 Stacked Planters

Photo Credits: Hello Glow

This planter will look adorable in your window and works great for herbs and other small plants you like to keep in your kitchen.

7 Nursery Pot Mason Jar Planters

Photo Credits: Hello Glow

Because of the large 5-gallon self-watering reservoir, these large water jugs don't need to be filled often. They are also super helpful if you are going on a long vacation!

8 Water Jug Planter

Photo Credits: Bucolic Bushwick

This self-watering indoor planter is ideal for growing larger plants like Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Monstera!

9 Bucket Planters for Larger Plants

Photo Credits: Joe Boyle

Convert your standard planter into a DIY self-watering planter using a pot, a saucer, and a recycled plastic bottle.

10 Pot and Saucer DIY Watering System

Photo Credits: Joe Boyle

Click the link to learn 9 more DIY self-watering planters! 👇

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