10 Dwarf Plants for Full Sun

10 Dwarf Plants for Full Sun


A short, sprawling shrub that makes a great foundation plant for high sun garden beds.

1 Chinese Fringe Flower

Our favorite herb reaches no more than 3 feet high, drought hardy, and only becomes more delicious when stressed!

2 Rosemary

A cottage garden favorite and an excellent choice if you want a delicate scent around pathways and edges.

3 English Lavender

A small species that typically reach 4 feet with huge nodding mop-heads that will surely make you smile!

4 Oakleaf Hydrangea

An underrated beauty that reaches only 3 feet high, the gardenia flowers will bring fragrance into your garden!

5 Gardenia

If you're a fan of big flowers, grow a dwarf cultivar that reaches no more than 2 feet! There are color options like red, pink, purple,  and gold.

6 Dwarf Azalea

A dwarf evergreen shrub with neat spheres that do not require constant pruning; it's perfect on the front garden and curbs.

7 Arborvitae

The blue-tinted needles fan out from the stem in a star formation, hence the name.

8 Blue Star Juniper

Pick this vining shrub with bright shades of neon and emerald for serious vibrant colors.

9 Wintercreeper

We recommend this desert specialist if you have the unfortunate combination of bright all-day sun and loose, sandy soil.

10 Jade Plant

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