10 DIY Backyard Ideas for a Cozy Pool Landscape



10 DIY Backyard Ideas for a Cozy Pool Landscape

Low on a budget for a getaway? Try these backyard ideas for a cozy pool landscape that  won't break the bank!

Photo Credits: Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

Add a little magic to your backyard pool instantly. Hang them on trees or near hanging plants for a romantic atmosphere~

1 String Lights

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Is the plug too far away from the pool? No worries. Solar lights run entirely on sunlight and will save you a lot of money!

Solar Lights

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Don't have a space for string lights and solar lights? Then place them right inside the pool! LED pool lights will make a more romantic vibe~

Pool Lights

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Add a splash of colors, textures, and scents to your plain pool. Hibiscus, gardenias, and roses  are great plants for moist environments.

Flower Beds

Photo Credits: Alesia Kozik

Style your swimming pool with heat- and drought-tolerant ornamental grasses with minimal maintenance. Smart!

Ornamental  Grass Border

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A smart choice when you want extra shade from burning sunlight. And certain varieties can even repel insects like lemongrass!

Plant Shrubs

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Feel close to nature while taking a deep right at your outdoor space. Just lay river rocks beside your pool. Simple and stylish!

River Rock Garden

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Sit and enjoy the sight of clear water without spending on new furniture. Just recycle old pallets and throw in some pillows.

Seating Area

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This is perfect if you're not comfortable with peeking neighbors! You can make this from cheap recycled materials.

Privacy Screen

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A raised wooden pool deck or patio enhances your in-ground pool and creates a larger floor space illusion.

10  Wooden Deck

Photo Credits: Michael Block

Combine styles like string lights on privacy screens, river rocks, and solar lights on flower beds.


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