10 Best Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer


Have trouble removing weeds and crabgrass in your lawn? If so, you've come to the right place. Here are our top 10 picks for the best lawn weed and crabgrass killer in 2023.

A fast-acting, non-selective herbicide that kills weeds in as little as 24 hours. It's an effective solution for home lawns of weeds like Wild Carrot and Crabgrass.

1 Roundup Weed Killer

A natural solution that contains no glyphosate, effective for 250+ types of weeds and grass. It gives visible results in hours.

2 Natural Armor Grass and Weed Killer

This combination of lawn weed and crabgrass killer herbicide is effective against yellow and purple nutsedge, kyllinga, and 50 other tough weeds.

3 Ortho Nutsedge Killer & BioAdvanced All-in-One Killer

It's designed to kill 470+ weeds, including tough ones like Crabgrass, Dandelion, Chickweed, White Clover, and yellow Nutsedge.

4 Spectracide Weed Stop & Crabgrass Killer 

A glyphosate-free herbicide that contains 20% acetic acid to effectively kill weeds on contact. They are safe for lawns and can be used indoors.

5 Green Gobbler Vinegar Grass and Weed Killer

This liquid weed killer is effective against dandelions, clover, and other major lawn weeds. It's safe for your lawn and feeds them with 25% nitrogen.

6 Scotts Turf Builder Feed and Weed Control

This weed killer kills 217 tough weeds, like crabgrass, chickweed, dandelion, and clover, to the roots.

7 BioAdvanced Crabgrass and Lawn Weed Killer

A systemic weed and crabgrass killer that kills down to the roots. It has a double-surfactant formulation quickly dries tough weeds.

8 Hi-Yield Killzall Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate

A systemic weed and grass killer with 41% glyphosate, a highly effective at attacking broadleaf and grassy weeds.

9 KleenUp Grass and Weed Killer Concentrate

An OMRI-listed weed and grass killer ideal for spot weed control around ornamental trees, bushes, and flowers.

10 BioSafe Systems Weed and Grass Killer

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