10 Best Lawn Fertilizers

10 Best Lawn Fertilizers


A high nitrogen and potassium fertilizer with 5% iron content guarantees a lush, deep green lawn for any grass type.

1 Pennington Ultragreen Starter Fertilizer

The NPK ratio of this new fertilizer promises a 70% thicker grass than regular fertilizer competitors.

2 Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for  New Grass

The best fertilizer for establishing a new lawn with strong roots!

3 The Andersons New Lawn Starter

This slow-release fertilizer ensures feeding for up to 12 weeks! It has high potassium to help new grass fight stress.

4 Lesco Professional Starter Fertilizer

It has a unique mixture of essential nutrients to ensure a healthy lawn.

5 FertiLome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

It has a Greensmart technology that feeds new grass for up to 8 weeks and reduces the need  for watering.

6 GreenView Starter Fertilizer

This USDA-certified organic fertilizer builds soil and establishes turfgrass. It's also ideal for landscape applications.

7 Sustane Organic Turf Starter Fertilizer

This Bio-Nite balanced fertilizer establishes cool and warm-season grasses while protecting soil microorganisms.

8 Yard Mastery Starter Fertilizer

An exceptional potassium content provides strong roots for new lawns and protection against pests and diseases.

9 Sta-Green Lawn Starter Fertilizer

It's an organic fertilizer that will not burn your new lawn and is safe for your kids and pets.

10 Espoma Organic Lawn Starter

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