10 Best Full Sun Plants for Hanging Baskets

10 Best Full Sun Plants for Hanging Baskets


Sweet Alyssum is a trailing plant easily trained to cascade in frothy waves from a hanging basket.

1 Sweet Alyssum

The vine produces good-sized leaves in purples, greens, and burgundy, so it's a great choice for a sunny spot!

2 Sweet Potato Vine

Ivy is a tender perennial that boasts gorgeous glossy green leaves from a hanging basket.

3 Ivy

This beautiful wildflower is a hardy vine that can rapidly fill out even the most generous hanging basket.

4 Black-Eyed Susan

Moss rose is a great choice to add color to your garden. It blooms vibrant, colorful flowers that glow under full sun!

5 Moss Rose

If you're into interesting basket plants, the string of pearls is a great choice!

6 String of Pearls

The dolphins’ leaves are indeed dolphin-shaped, with neat tails and a clear patch across their bellies.

7 String of Dolphins

I’m partial to wave petunias – they produce pink, purple, or red blooms with charming ruffled edges on their flowers.

8 Wave Petunias

Munstead Dwarf Lavender is a cultivar of English lavender and, like its parent plant, loves free-draining soils and long, hot days.

9 Munstead Dwarf Lavender

They bloom in shades of red, gold, pink, and white, with soft, velvety, fragrant leaves that are appealing year-round.

10 Ivy Geranium

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