10 Best Full Sun Plants and Flowers for Hanging Baskets

10 Best Full Sun Plants and Flowers for Hanging Baskets


Sweet Alyssum is a favorite of butterflies and bees, as its pink, purple, or white flowers are deeply fragrant and appealing. It's just perfect in hanging baskets!

1 Sweet Alyssum

This is an ornamental relative of the edible tuber you may well have in your kitchen and is just as endearing.

2 Sweet Potato Vine

Ivy is an easy-to-care-for climbing vine with no hassles growing in a basket.

3 Ivy

This American wildflower is a late summer bloomer, bringing punchy color to the dog days of the season.

4 Black-Eyed Susan

These plants are known for their colorful, saucer-shaped flowers that bloom in various colors, including white, red, orange, yellow, and pink.

5 Moss Rose

I love the weird-looking leaves of the string of pearls – each is a perfect glossy green bead with a tiny transparent slit to let in the light.

6 String of Pearls

Like the string of pearls, the string of dolphins is a trailing succulent with fat, water-filled leaves.

7 String of Dolphins

Petunias of all kinds are a popular choice for baskets, with reliable flowers in a variety of colors.

8 Wave Petunias

Dwarf varieties thrive in baskets, bringing gentle fragrance to balconies and porches.

9 Munstead Dwarf Lavender

This variety loves a sunny spot and is a great choice for warm, exposed locations.

10 Ivy Geranium

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