10 Best Fertilizers for New Grass

It can be hard to pick the best fertilizer for your lawn when there are so many options, promising everything from improved soil conditions to new grass growth year-round.

Let's explore our top 10 picks of the best fertilizer for a new lawn, far superior to your regular fertilizer.

1 Pennington Ultragreen Starter Fertilizer It contains a 22-23-4 NPK ratio and a 5% iron content guaranteeing a vibrant, green lawn. It's an excellent choice for a new lawn with seeds and sod.

2 Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass This new fertilizer's 24-22-4 NPK ratio establishes new grass that is 70% thicker and grows 35% quicker.

3 The Andersons New Lawn Starter A superior 20-27-5 NPK, iron, and other essential nutrients stimulate green lawns and healthy root growth.

4 Lesco Professional Starter Fertilizer Its blend of essential nutrients helps develop deep roots when establishing a new lawn. This slow-release fertilizer assures feeding for up to 12 weeks.

5 FertiLome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer Besides having a rich NPK ratio of 9-13-7, this fertilizer is packed with essential nutrients that provide a lush lawn in no time.

6 GreenView Starter Fertilizer The high phosphorus in the 10-18-10 NPK ratio makes a lush, green lawn with strong roots.

7 Sustane Organic Turf Starter Fertilizer A USDA-certified organic fertilizer with a 4-6-4 NPK ratio provides a healthy growing habitat for new lawns.

8 Yard Mastery Starter Fertilizer With a balanced 12-12-12 NPK ratio with 3% iron and other micronutrients, this is perfect for both cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses.

9 Sta-Green Lawn Starter Fertilizer An exceptional 18-24-6 NPK ratio will provide you with deep roots in all seasons and with all types of lawn grasses.

10 Espoma Organic Lawn Starter This organic fertilizer is CDFA-registered and USDA-certified product that is safe for your kids and pets.

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