50 Lawn Flower Bed Ideas to Make Your Landscape Pop

Flowers and flower beds can bring life to a garden, giving endless options of colors and textures that can appeal to almost any pair of eyes.

A lawn garden provides the gardener or garden designer with a blank canvas that changes with the seasons and a myriad of eye-catching features that can invoke feelings of joy, relaxation, and pride.

I put together the following list of lawn flower bed ideas based on my own experience and others’ triumphs so that you can use them to beautify any space in a natural and striking way. 

1. Vertical Garden Bed  

wooden vertical garden bed with different species of plants

Many passionate plant lovers only have a small space to grow in, and many gardeners have decided to go vertical to make the most of the limited floor space.

The options are endless, from vertical hydroponic food and herb towers to moss walls covered in climbing plants, to DIY trellises adorned with beautiful flowers and vegetation of all different colors.

Vertical gardens are a great way to use the remaining outdoor space for entertainment or other landscape ideas. 

2. Log and Tree Stump Beds

different ornamental flowering plants growing in a tree stump bed

One of my favorite flower bed ideas is to use a more natural look, and old trees or parts are being turned into beautiful focal points.

This old tree stump could be a nuisance to remove, so instead, why not use it as a point of adverse visual interest?

Another idea is to use a large old dead log or piece of large driftwood, which can be carved out and filled with perennial flowers like Tulips, Daffodils, or other native plants.

A great place to have either of these two features is in the middle of a shaped flower bed. The use of different elements will create a perfect balance.

3. Cactus and Succulent Garden Bed

different cacti and succulents growing in a garden bed

One of the new trending landscape ideas for garden beds is to set up a cactus and succulent bed. These low-maintenance and easy-care plants pair perfectly together in a simple garden bed to create a unique look.

They are the best type of plants for areas in the garden with full sun, as they can take the heat and don’t require much shade.

On top of all this, these types of plants can be grown in gravel beds, making it difficult for weeds to come in when using a weed cloth and making it even easier to maintain. 

4. Raised Bed Outdoor Seating Bed 

two wooden raised bed in a garden with wooden bench connection them placed in a lawn

One of the best flower garden ideas is this unique design where outdoor entertainment areas can be an awe-inspiring focal point.

Adding a seating area to these raised beds brings color and vibrance to your social area, not to mention a place to show off your best flowering plants to your family and friends the next time they come around.  

5. Log Edged Flower Beds

house plants with pink and yellow flowers in a log edged flower bed

Log-edged flower beds are another one of the most creative flower bed ideas there are.

Using pieces of cut logs from a small tree placed standing up vertically or using longer pieces laying horizontally, these logs serve as a great natural border and bring an organic appeal like the log and tree stump beds.

They are versatile, and almost all plants can work with these types of edgings. Best of all, it’s a great way to utilize unwanted logs and felled trees, and they’re totally free outside of a bit of light labor! 

6. Food Bank Beds 

cauliflower vegetables growing in beds in a farm

Food bank beds are also simply known as vegetable gardens – except these are usually accessible to the public in areas where healthy food is scarce.

Food bank beds have increased in popularity and design where gardeners use the humble food garden made of fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs.

Food gardens are a must in small and more extensive gardens and can be done on the ground and in vertical gardening structures.

7. Monochromatic Flower Bed

flower bed having all pink color flowers with other flower beds and trees in background

A monochromatic flower bed is filled with decor, flowers, linings, and flours with the same or similar colors.

It takes away bright contrasts but introduces light contrasts that blend well with vintage scenes and modern architecture.

This type of design is common in Mediterranean-type homes, as the simple color balance gives a soft yet attractive appearance. Outside one’s front door with flanking raised beds is an excellent place for monochromatic designs. 

8. Butterfly & Bee Garden Bed

butterfly on an orange flower in a butterfly and bee garden bed

These beds appear to the naturalist gardeners. However, butterflies and bees are lovely in the garden for their aesthetic nature.

They are fantastic pollinators that help pollinate flowers and many food plants, such as fruit trees—planting colorful blooms and attracting many beneficial insects to the garden.  

9. Flowered Trellises

wooden trellises with red flowering vines near a window

Another easy way to utilize vertical systems is to enhance the visual effect and beauty of a bare or small space.

High-contrasting colors or monochromatic styles can beautify a bare-looking vertical space. Creepers, Ivy, and other climbers will result in a stunning low, maintenance showpiece. 

10. Flower Tower Bed

flower tower with green leaves and pink blooms alongside a pillar

This easy way to display plants is relatively new to landscape design. This is easy to create eye-catching centerpieces of colorful flowers in extensive gardens, similar to the floral trellis.

Flower towers are also low maintenance and can have their watering system hidden inside. These towers also give the perfect opportunity to showcase different flowers and combinations. 

11. Wheelbarrow Garden Bed

a green color wheelbarrow having gardening plants with yellow, pink and purple flowers in a lawn

We see them all the time in thrift stores and dumps, and you may even have one in your shed. The humble old wheelbarrow is synonymous with gardening and, combined with vintage or rusty old tools, can create an interesting vintage gardening scene in your garden as a focal point or showpiece.

Using the wheelbarrow to hold the soil and plant plants inside or a fill the barrow with tools and place in the center of an existing flower bed creates a beautiful story scene that will be a definite show-stopper. 

12. Dichromatic Garden Bed

dichromatic garden bed with green and maroon-pink plants in different shapes

A dichromatic garden is on this list and is very simple. It is choosing two color flowers that complement and work well together, like pink and white, to create a lovely manicured look.

Planting them in alternate rows or small blocks will give a patterned appearance. Planting randomly will give a more natural and wild look; you will have a beautiful flower bed. 

13. Odd Shaped Border Beds

odd shaped garden bed with red, yellow and creamy white flowers and some trees in background

It’s time to face it. Straight and symmetrical are out, and non-symmetrical and odd shapes are in. More and more gardeners are moving towards the “out of the norm” gardening style.

Depending on the size, you can create a beautiful bed by avoiding the conventional and heading toward the unconventional. 

14. Textured Raised Beds 

texture raised bed with young tomato plant and gardening tools

With the number of people straying away from the ordinary and getting creative, these garden beds are the way to release the most adventurous of people.

Textured beds can come in all kinds of materials, from sand and stones in different colors and shapes, and some people add wood and metals as well, stuck randomly in as many patterns as possible. The materials and options are endless.   

15. Wildflower Garden Bed

outdoor garden bed with wild blue flowers and green foliage

This is an exciting one for the naturalists out there. Wildflowers are beautiful and low-maintenance and can give a garden a great theme.

These gardens can include grasses, annuals, and perennial plants that all work together and, together with a water feature, can transform not just an area of a garden but the garden as a whole. 

16. Rock Retaining Wall Beds 

raised garden bed of rock walls with different plants of white, purple and yellow flowers

Many people live in properties with steep slopes, and using retaining walls of natural rocks and plants terraced down the slope is a great way to beautify a piece of landscape in the garden that can be very difficult to make attractive.

On top of this, these beds and rock retaining walls can be an excellent way to reduce runoff and assist with soil erosion. 

17. Tall Forest Bed 

tall trees with pink blooms in an outdoor raided bed with other trees in background

This idea is also new and not very common, but it can transform a garden into something extraordinary. Using tall plants, grasses, and even small trees can add a piece of magic to the home garden.

Homeowners are now using these beds to surround jacuzzis and small pools or ponds to create a mystical hideaway in their backyards.

These beds create shade for birds and other wildlife and are an option for the gardener who wants to try something different. 

18. Birdhouse Bed

cemented raised bed with bird feeder and two birds on it

Bird-friendly gardens always have something extra, and a bird bath, bird house, or bird feeder in a bed guarantees visitors every day. They use colorful flowers with lots of natural features. These beds with bird-related ornament can be a focal point in the garden.

Vintage houses and feeders from raw wood usually bring out the most attractive appearance. That being said, it cannot be argued that birdhouses and flower beds always complement each other uniquely and beautifully. 

19. Repurposed Tins 

 hibiscus plants potted in two repurposed tins

Here is a project for the frugal and creative. Repurposed tins are getting increasingly popular as the world moves into a more eco-friendly era, with recycling and repurposing materials in the most creative ways in and out of the home.

Repurposed tins can be used in many ways. Old and rusty tins planted with small potted plants and used with an antique scene to paint and decorated and planted with everything from roses to daisies placed around outdoor entertainment areas, front doors, entryways, and more. 

20. Side of House Flower Beds 

lawn flower bed ideas

These flower beds may not be front and center of the garden and be the most eye-catching, but they serve an essential purpose.

They complete the garden, assist with runoff down the side of the house, and can be used to give a bright and colorful border around the house that compliments the house color by either giving contrast or complementing the colors already there. 

21. Old Boat Bed

old boat used as garden bed with multiple flowering plants growing in it placed in front of trees in a lawn

This is one of the rarer lawn flower bed ideas, but it can be a stunning addition to any garden. An old, wrecked boat filled with colorful flowers added to an existing or new flower bed can add a touch of adventure and texture and make for an eye-catching focal point in a home garden. 

If one knows where to look, they are relatively easy to find. Matched with a pair of oars, they can add a beautiful rustic appeal, especially in coastal areas or lakes nearby. 

22. Ornamental & Artificial Grass Bed

wooden bed with artificial grass and pink flowering plants

A perfect option for those with minimal areas. Ornamental and artificial grass beds can be a very natural and attractive touch to an area in a garden with little water and even areas.

These plants can also be used around water features and ponds and even for another feature in a house, like a trophy room. Another option is for flower beds around an artificial grass lawn. 

23. Sidewalk Border Bed

flower bed on road sidewalk with pink and purple flowers and green leaves

Your home’s curb appeal is essential as a gardener and can add color and beauty to a neighborhood.

It is essential to choose plants that do not spread onto the sidewalk, could be an issue for pedestrians passing by, and be low maintenance so that you don’t need to spend all your time out there.

24. Mailbox Bed 

mailbox with flower bed in a lawn outside of a house

This one blends in perfectly with the previous sidewalk border bed and can add natural curbside appeal to your home.

Placing a well-designed mailbox in a well-manicured flower bed full of color and contrast creates a welcoming appeal to your home. Choose plants and flowers that complement the rest of your garden. 

25. Bathtub Bed 

bathtub flower bed with red-white flowers infront of a fence

An old and vintage bathtub brings a classic touch of beauty, and by adding flowers to the inside of the bathtub, you can create a real showpiece and focal point in your garden.

Like wheelbarrows and boats, bathtubs can add much texture to a garden. The ways to present it are endless, so different options would be fun to explore. 

26. Window Boxes

black colored rectangular window box with green leaves and blue, yellow, pink, purple and white flowers

Window Boxes are one of the most beautiful ways to turn dull windows and shutters into dazzling decorations.

Monochromatic and dichromatic arrangements or even bright, colorful contrasts, these window boxes can be made from different materials with as many different textures and colors.

As window boxes usually get plenty of sunlight, we suggest you select plants that thrive in bright conditions.

27. Moon Garden 

moon bed with whit flowers and green foliage under a tree

A moon garden is a perfect addition to one’s garden, who love to wander past at night and enjoy what nature has to offer.

It is a place in the garden consisting of monochromatic white or grey blooming flowers that brighten the garden by reflecting moonlight.

A moon garden can be further enhanced with a bench and even a tiny pond which also reflects the moonlight and will be one of the focal points of your garden. 

28. Frontier Kettle Bed 

old copper frontier kettles flower bed on white wall in sunlight

Using old and antiquated items and objects and giving them new life in your garden to create scenic focal points is becoming a trend, and the Frontier kettle garden bed exemplifies this concept.

You can use wooden poles and a cross beam to hang your old rusty frontier cast iron pot slightly above your flower bed with surrounding flowers below it.

You can also display these kettles on the wall with a macrame rope if you have the materials or want to run with your own little DIY project.

You can plant yellow flowers like daisies or orange marigolds in these kettles, which will look like a pot hanging over glowing coals.

Introducing another color inside the kettles will add some contrast and create a more exciting scene than just using a single color of flowers.

Don’t have a Frontier kettle? No worries!

You can also create a unique texture by adding a cowboy coffee pot, a rusty cowboy coffee pot, or old rusty mugs that will surely enhance the visual.

29. Mosaic Raised Beds 

mosaic raised bed with borders decorated with pieces of unique marbles

Mosaic Raised Beds are rare but equally appealing to creative gardeners.

These are simple garden-raised beds but are decorated with shiny pieces of mirror glass, loose marble, and colorful tiles that work great on a contrasting background.

The best options are on raised beds painted in white or black, but you can even use straight cement to create something with a more neutral tone.

This option can be paired with other mystical-type ideas in this list to create a specific theme.

The final look of mosaic raised beds will leave you amazed in the daytime, as well as at night when the objects shine and twinkle in the moonlight.

30. Decorated Gutter Planters On The Wall 

vertical gutter planters decorated on colored bricks wall with green leafy plants and tall grass at the base

For those with a mind full of ideas and handbags full of new plants to match, gutter planters are a real deal – even if you lack a ton of space.

You can find gutter pipes at practically every hardware store, and with a few holes drilled at the bottom, the pipes become vertical flower beds that you can place on a bare wall or similar structure.

Luckily, you can paint and decorate these pipes using different gutters at different lengths and heights.

Once everything is in place, simply fill your gutter pipes with your growing medium. This will give you an incredible mural that is admirable close-up or from a distance.

31. Old Suitcase Planter Bed

old suitcase planter bed with yellow, pink and purple flowers and two water sprinklers

Luggage Design flower bed has undoubtedly advanced recently, thanks to the creative gardeners who found a way to give life to antiquated objects.

Filled with soil and used as a planter with the lid open, either on the ground or on a stump inside an existing bed can be a fascinating piece.

They drain well through the fabric, so there is no need to worry about drainage. This bed will surely be an attractive topic of discussion!

32. Pot Planters Sunk in Gravel Beds

metal sheath pots with green shrubs and  flowers burried in gravel on ground

Gravel beds are a great decoration choice for Patio and Verandah edging, front porches, sun lounges, or barbeque entertainment areas.

These beds are made by sinking the flower beds deeper in the ground and filling them with gravel up to the brims of the pots, which not just creates a great focal point in the garden but deters ground-moving pests and weeds that could hurt the flowers.

This idea is fantastic for ornamental plants like Tulips that we can arrange with different colors and patterns.

33. Sunken Patio and Verandah Beds

patio with grass bed and sitting area

This design involves removing a tile or patio paving tiles and replacing it with a plant that is sunk to a level lower than the patio pavers or tiles. This shows that the plants are growing inside the patio, and the different heights create a 3D effect on the eye.

It can be used as an alternated pattern where every second paver is removed and replaced by a countersunk plant or as an entire garden bed sunk into the verandah in one place. Ideal plants are ornamental plants that will complement that design.

34. Market Wagon Bed

white color animal-drawn wagon flower bed with red and yellow flowers in a fence in lawn

This is another idea linked to creating a particular theme or scene. Old horse or cattle-drawn wagons from the pioneer days are a trendy decorating piece in many gardens.

Using these Wagons as planters will give the plants and flowers a more raised effect and can be used to create scenes like grassy meadows with natural grasses or inside a planted bed filled with various flowers.

While finding a vintage cart may prove difficult, they are relatively easy to build or source online or at farm auctions.

35. Vertical Brick Edging 

vertical brick edges along garden bed with grass growing in beds

As it pairs with many other ideas, vertical brick edging is a design you must consider. Placing the bricks vertically, with or without a space along the edges of the beds creates a distinctive look in the garden.

You can create variations using bricks of different colors or bricks placed in patterns, angles, or at different depths to break a monotonous line of bricks. The options and ideas are endless and exciting.

36. Face Brick Raised Beds

a gardener watering plants in a raised garden bed made up of red-face bricks

Another brick idea that could be used creatively to turn boring into an Eye-Catching centerpiece. A raised bed of classic red-face bricks is an exciting compliment to the house.

While you will have a permanent structure, the design can be your own. Make the bricks vertical, pre-painting bright colors, or add some contrast.

To create a unique background, making the cement between the bricks a different color, like black, or adding a water feature is trendy.

37. Musical Garden Bed 

green color old piano used as flower bed with vining plants of red and white flowers in it

Old Classical instruments like drums, guitars, cellos, and empty instrument cases make excellent planters. You would need to collect these, remove their faces, and use them as planters.

In this list, it could be the unique bed design, adding a level of haunting beauty or colorful display depending on the flowers used.

38. Woven Reed Bed

flower bed with wettle fencing in garden

Woven reed beds are great for those looking for a touch of traditional artwork in their garden.

You only need lots of long twigs or soft branches and straight strong sticks to create this traditional and eco-friendly flower bed.

Start by creating a frame of a garden bed with a design of your choice and weave the twigs and branches through them. They are easy to make, but if you still need help, youtube tutorials are out there for you.

Don’t limit yourself here: combine this design with several other ideas in this article and enjoy the artistry of these nature-inspired designs.

39. Old Tire Planters

three old tires colored in red, green and blue used as planters for yellow, purple, white and red flowering plants

Another versatile idea, old tire planters offer a unique way to transform used tires into charming flower beds.

Individual tires can be used as unique planters creating their mini bed. Stacking and planting in them allows plants to be displayed at different heights.

They can be painted and decorated and used as very useful showpieces. The options are endless.

40. Glowing Pot Planters 

glowing planters beside a wall at night

Glowing Pot Planters are a fantastic option to bring your garden to life at night, a new and exciting way to draw attention to your garden.

You can source glowing pots online or from a gardening store, or if you are a creative folk, you can make it on your own.

Use a transparent plastic pot and attach a led light inside of it. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paints for this purpose.

They are used to mark pathways or as centerpieces around the garden and water features, but the options are endless.

41. Old Truck & Car Beds 

old car covered in plants with dense green foliage and purple and pink flowers on roadside

From your old garage or a scrap market, Old Pickup trucks make excellent showpieces in the garden, as the wagon idea mentioned earlier. 

Planting in the actual bed of the truck, especially those that grow aggressively and cascade out the truck bed, or placing it in an existing garden bed are very creative ways to give life to an old workhorse.

The old vintage chevy trucks give that old-time feeling and creates an eye-catching focal point in the garden.

42. Ivy Edging

ivy edging on a wooden flower bed

Ivy and other creepers add a beautiful and rustic country touch to any garden. With colorful flowers in the center, ivy borders create unique textures and soften the transition between flower beds and the garden.m

Installing a border of wire trellis or wooden posts and growing ivy creeper creates a great bordered flower bed that is safe from wind, pets, and children.

There are many options for this natural decoration if one is prepared to tame it.

43. Corrugated Iron Raised Beds

multiple corrugated iron circular raised beds with bushy plants in outdoor setting

The saying that there is Beauty in Simplicity is especially true when discussing Corrugated iron beds.

Sheets used for roofing can now be used as an attractive flower bed with the size and design of our choice.

These beds are widespread in both urban and traditional gardens and have become more popular among creative gardeners looking for industrial aesthetic designs.

44. Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters 

recycled plastic bottle pots with green plants hanging against a wire fence

For the creative and recycling-conscious gardener, many options exist for using recycled plastic bottles to beautify the garden.

They can be cut into mini planters, hanging planters, or even sunk around beds for edging. They can also be painted and decorated and used as decorative pieces inside garden beds.

The design options are endless for this durable object, as it does well with other garden designs in this list.

45. Patterned Plate Edging 

garden edging using patterened plates

If you are eyeing a beautiful set of plates, this is the perfect time to buy, as your old plates can be the new border for your flower beds.

Sinking these patterned plates into the ground vertically creates a unique and stunning bed edging. Lack of patterned plates? Not a problem as these can be easily obtained at thrift stores and auctions.

This out-of-the-box idea is a gift from creative garden designers that, with alternate patterns, will catch the eye.

46. Wooden and Iron Bird and Animal Display 

artificial frog and hedgehog in a garden bed with colorful flowers and green bushes

Looking to spend on home decor items? We suggest you buy these iron and wood sculptures of birds and animals.

When placed in gardens or flower beds, it will not only create a wild look but also deter pests and birds that may harm your flower beds.

Owls, rabbits, and forest creatures are more common; however, depending on the scene and the plants you use, you can blur the lines of the garden and showpiece.

The best part about this design is that during the Halloween holidays, you can replace these wood sculptures with artificial ghosts and skeletons to create a scary-looking Halloween garden.

47. 3D Garden Bed

multiple 3D garden bed with different plants in a fence in lawn

Instead of traditional flat garden beds, try a 3D garden bed that will surely be more visually striking to its viewers.

It involves using standing logs to elevate plants and planters of different colors at different heights. You arrange them so the shortest ones are in the front left, and the logs with plants on them get taller as you move to the back right corner of the bed.

It requires an eye for detail, but once complete and you get a 3D effect, you will be amazed by what we can accomplish in the garden.

48. Sunken Tire Bed 

sunken tire flower bed with blooming daisies

A sunken tire bed is a unique way to recycle tires and create a flower bed out of it. It is done by burying the tires partially in the ground and using the inside space of a tire as a flower bed.

These tire beds can be arranged in different patterns, or you can also paint or decorate them to suit the garden’s theme or style. The ideas never end!

49. Blooming Bedroom 

bedroom drawer garden bed with white, red purple and pink flowers

Recycled items have become the core of this article. This last one involves finding old beds and dressers and turning them into planters in a garden bed.

Vibrant flowers popping out from drawers look stunning. It could be exceptional, depending on how far one would want to take this idea.

You can select these dressers from your store or source online or from an old furniture shop.

50. 44 Gallon Drum Planter 

metal drum planters in outdoors with white wall in background under sunlight

I am sure we all have seen the rusted drums on the roadside, or we might have one at our home. But have you ever wondered if these can turn into beautiful flower beds?

The few things that will be needed are a drum, a metal cutter, and paint to decorate our new DIY flower bed. In case you don’t have a metal cutter, take your drum to the nearest welding workshop, and they’ll do the work for you.

Go for a horizontal cut if you are looking to introduce some deep-rooted flowering plants; otherwise, a vertical cut would be fine. In both cases, you will have two durable flower beds.

Paint them with any color and find a nice place to place them in your garden. Fill it with soil and transplant your flowers to this new flower bed.

Once everything is done, congratulate yourself on making a DIY flower bed that will last for decades.

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