30 Creative DIY Indoor Succulent Planter Ideas

Creating a beautiful and intriguing indoor succulent garden does not have to include spending all your hard-earned cash on expensive, fancy planters. Sometimes, simple DIY projects will give you just what you need.

So, if you are bored of your plain and simple succulent planter pots, look no further. Below are 30 indoor succulent planter ideas to upgrade your DIY projects game. 

Most of these ideas include upcycling, repurposing, and reusing, which makes spending lots of money on brand-new planters superfluous. 

1. DIY Planter from Old Books

indoor succulent planter ideas

Have you got a pile of dusty books lying around, knowing you will never read them again? Well, consider using them as a planter instead! You’ll need a beautiful, old vintage book and a very sharp knife for this project. 

2. Conch Shells Succulent Planters

succulent arrangements in a seashell with white background

Next time you take a trip to the beach, try collecting a few interesting, colorful conch shells and bring them home. Why? Because seashells make amazing succulent pots!

Simply fill your shell with succulent potting mix, add a small succulent plant, and get yourself a stunning little succulent centerpiece! 

Tip: Conch Shells also make great planters for air plants! Feel free to combine your favorite succulents with some unique air plants. 

3. Wine Bottle Succulent Arrangements

wine bottle planter with succulents and small rocks palced on wooden table indoors

This is a great DIY project for plant lovers who are regular wine drinkers. Next time you finish a bottle, try making a succulent arrangement from the empty bottle!

For this unique DIY project, you’ll need a glass cutter, an empty wine bottle, and succulents of your choice. 

4. Mini Succulent Terrarium

mini succulent arrangement in a glass terrarium placed on wooden table indoors

If you love small, dainty succulents, you will love this project! You can easily create a tiny DIY terrarium from old cookie jars, weck pots, or any other glass vessel!

This project will ask you to get a little creative, so feel free to take some time to gather inspiration on how to pair succulents together to create a unique, beautiful terrarium at home! 

5. DIY Suitcase Planter

old suitcase planters with succulents placed outdoors

An old, unused suitcase is something that most of us might fight somewhere in the dark corners of an attic. So, why not give your vintage suitcase a new life? The steps are easy!

Simply grab your suitcase of choice (any size and shape can work). Before you plant your succulents, staple thick plastic inside the suitcase to hold the soil and protect it against moisture. Next, add a layer of gravel, follow up with your succulent soil, and add your favorite succulents! 

6. Picture Frame Living Wall Planter

succulent arrangement in a picture frame on white background

Need to fill up a space on your wall? A living picture planter might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Succulents are very suitable for growing vertically, requiring minimal water and loving sunlight. Plus, this DIY project is so easy to make that you’ll be tempted to make it for all your friends and family! 

7. Upcycled Tea Pots and Cups

succulents on a old red teapot placed on tree stump

Planting succulents in your old, vintage tea set is a great way to revive otherwise dull, forgotten items.

You can simply use these cups and pots as regular planters, but I recommend drilling a hole or two in the bottom to allow for good drainage and keep your succulents healthy and thriving! 

8. Wine Cork Magnets

Wine Cork Magnets with succulents attatched to the walls

These tiny little wine cork planters are a creative way to display your small succulents or propagations. Stick these cute succulent planters onto your fridge or metal desk, and you’ll surely enjoy looking at these adorable little succulents daily. 

9. Good Old Terra Cotta (With a Twist)

painted old terracotta pot with succulent plant placed indoors

While terracotta pots may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a unique planter, you can easily create a trendy plant pot by simply painting them in different colors!

Terracotta clay pots are much more versatile than you may think! You can create brand-new, beautiful planters with standard acrylic, metallic, or spray paint! 

Terra cotta is the best pick when it comes to succulent planters. This is because these pots usually already come with drainage holes, which is crucial to prevent root rot by allowing excess water to drip from the pot after you’ve watered your plants! 

10. DIY Vintage Lantern Terrarium

succulents arrangment in an old  lantern terrarium

Consider hunting down old vintage items in thrift stores or flea markets for a vintage outdoor lantern. Lanterns make wonderful DIY terrariums!

They usually come with a little glass door that makes them easy to decorate and care for—wondering how to get started? Check out the tutorial. 

11. Living Wall from Old Pallets

potted succulents placed and hanging on old pallet living waall

If you need to save space or have a massive succulent collection, this might be the perfect DIY! Converting an old pallet into a living wall is a pretty big project, but the result will be more than worth it. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to display a wide variety of succulents in small spaces. 

Remember, succulents are sun-lovers; most will not grow well in dark and shady areas. Avoid hanging your pallet wall in dark corners or on shady walls because your succulent’s lives will sadly be short-lived in these conditions. 

12. LEGO Planters

trophy shaped planter made of legos with succulents in the  garden

If you want a fun way to spend your weekend with your kids, try making these LEGO brick planters! They’re fun to make, practical, and adorable.

And the best thing about these is that they are fully customizable, so feel free to experiment with styles and colors all you want! 

Remember that these planters should be used as cover pots for your succulents. So, plant your succulents in a plastic nursery pot with a drain hole before placing them in these decorative LEGO artworks! 

13. Kokedama Hangers

succulent hanging in Kokedama Hangers indoors

Kokedama translates to “moss ball”  in Japanese. And that’s exactly what it is! Kokedama hangers are becoming increasingly popular for their beautiful aesthetic and functionality.

Trailing succulents like String of Pearls or Christmas Cacti will look particularly beautiful in these minimalistic plant hangers. 

14. Old Driftwood Planters

succulents growing in old driftwood outdoors

Did you know you can make a succulent arrangement planter from regular old driftwood? Add a homely, rustic vibe to your living room using natural elements like driftwood and decorative rock in this easy DIY

15. IKEA Table Planter DIY Project

wooden table with succulents planted in its center placed in house

Are you bored of your old IKEA coffee table? Why not convert it to a built-in indoor garden?

You can create an interesting visual by combining the geometric designs of the square table with lots of different shapes and bright colors from the succulents. This DIY will surely be a conversation starter in your home!

Warning: a tightly packed succulent table with lots of colors and shapes might look wonderful, but it is sadly not optimal for your plant’s health. Ideally, you should make sure that you keep an inch or two distance around the plants to allow them to grow freely both in the soil and in the air. 

16. Upcycled Vintage Typewriter DIY

upcycled vintage typewriter with succulents growing in it

If you prefer a retro or mid-century modern look in your home, you might enjoy this vintage typewriter succulent planter!

Remember that this project is likely more suitable for small succulents with shallow root systems, as there is not much space to grow vigorously inside a typewriter. 

17. Thrifted Shallow Dishes 

old dish with succulents growing in it

Thrift stores are filled with beautiful vintage glass or ceramic dishes. And if you’re anything like me, you want to take all of them home! But what to do with them?

Well, any shallow bowl or vintage container will make a great planter! Simply fill it up with cactus soil and add your hardy succulents. 

Remember that this shallow planter might lack proper drainage, so consider drilling a hole in the bottom to allow excess moisture to escape from the bowl. You can also add a layer of rocks or pebbles to the bottom before adding the soil.

18. Copper PVC Wall Planter

copper pvc pipe with succulents on a wall

Are you a lover of modern art? So am I! This DIY wall planter is a great option for people looking to add a touch of modernism and creativity to their boring, white walls. This simple project will give you a truly unique succulent display and won’t cost much effort or cash. 

A little word of caution: It can get pretty humid and moist inside of the pipes, so be watchful of overwatering! Ideally, plant succulents that rarely require watering and have small root systems, such as cacti, Burrow’s Tail, or Chain of Hearts. 

19. DIY Glass Jar Succulent Bookstands

succulents in glass terrariums with old books and fairy lights on a table near window

This is a great DIY project for bookworms who love plants. Why not display your favorite books alongside your colorful succulents?

This DIY uses clear glass vases and natural river rocks to create unique and elegant-looking planters. But if you’re not in the mood to buy fancy vases, don’t worry. You can also repurpose a mason jar instead. 

20. Repurpose a Broken Terra Cotta Pot

succulent growing in broken terracotta pot placed outdoors

Before you throw out that old terracotta pot you accidentally knocked over, consider transforming it into a succulent garden bed! With this project, the possibilities are truly endless.

Play around with designs and search the Internet for amazing ideas to create your own succulent planter that is truly unique. 

21. Toy Truck Planters

succulents planted in yellow toy trucks placed in garden

If you’ve got a cute little plant looking for a home in your children’s playroom, consider using something you already own. Old children’s toys like trucks, buses, and cars can make succulent planters!

Simply pop a potted succulent inside, and you’re good to go! However, you might want to ensure your kids don’t mistake your succulent for a playtoy first.

22. Tin Beer Can Planters

succulents planted in tin beer cans

Creating planters from empty beer cans is a good option for people who want to reduce their waste and save money on buying fancy plant pots!

Many tin cans nowadays already come with handsome designs and colors, so all left to do is take off the top, poke a few holes in the bottom, fill them up with soil, and add your succulents! 

23. Old Fish Tank Terrarium 

old fish tack succulent terrarium placed on wooden table indoors

Terrariums are one of my favorite ways to display my succulent collection. But buying premade terrariums in stores can be expensive, so I love using old fish tanks to build my succulent garden.

You’ll likely be able to find an old fish tank in your local thrift store easily, so what’s stopping you from creating this unique DIY

Remember that not all succulents will fare well in a humid, warm environment inside a terrarium. A few succulents that will grow well in this environment include String of Turltles, Jade Plants, or Air Plants.

Before planting, look up what type of succulent will thrive in your terrarium environment! 

24. UFO Upside-Down Hanging Planter

succulent in white upside down hanging pot

If there is one project on this list that will be a conversation starter, it’s this one! This upside-down hanging planter design allows your succulent to grow from the bottom of the pot, making it the perfect succulent planter if you’re short on space! 

25. Coffee Pot Terrarium

coffee pot terrarium with succulents placed on table

What’s the most creative way to use an old vintage coffee pot? Creating a DIY terrarium, of course! Glass coffee pots make wonderful terrariums as they are compact, easily accessible, and affordable.

Dress your terrarium with decorative sand, beach stones, gravel, and even little figurines! 

26. DIY Wooden Planters

DIY wooden boxes with succulent plants growing in them in the garden

If you like the thought of an indoor succulent container garden but don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive wooden planters, go ahead and make them yourself! It’s an easy DIY that won’t cost you a lot of time to make! 

The great thing about DIY planters is that you can easily customize the size to fit your space perfectly. In this DIY, they use regular potting soil. However, I recommend using succulent-specific soil mixes if you plant succulents in them! 

27. Homemade Concrete Planters

homemade geometric concrete planters with succulents placed on table

Buying your planters from a garden center is easy, but why spend the extra money if you can easily make concrete succulent pots at home?

Although this DIY takes some time and preparation, these planters are fully customizable to perfectly fit your home’s aesthetic! 

28. Homemade Succulent Wreath

homemade succulent wreaths placed on wall

Who doesn’t love a colorful, vibrant wreath on their front door? Using succulents to make a wreath is a great way to display your plant’s colorful, fleshy leaves while enhancing your front porch! Although it might sound a bit of a chore, this DIY is very easy! 

29. Crystal Planters

succulent planters with crystals embedded on them placed on table indoors

This crystal planter DIY will be perfect if you own a collection of crystals and gemstones. You’ll need a large-sized geode crystal, succulent soil, floral glue, and succulents!

It is a good idea to use smaller succulents for this project, as they won’t have a lot of room to grow. Consider succulent plants like Tillandsia, String of Pearls, and Sedum. 

30. Dress Up Existing Planters

succulent and cactus planters painted in different colors and designs

Don’t feel like getting crafty? I get it! Adding fun details to your boring terracotta or fiberglass planter can make a big difference and liven up your succulent garden with minimal effort. 

For example, adding colorful pebbles or rocks to the top of the soil is a good choice if you like a minimalistic look. Add figurines, ribbons, and other colorful objects to your planters if you want something more playful! 

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