25 Easy DIY Macrame Hangers For Indoor Plants

It’s hard to find a plant lover that does not have at least one beautiful trailing plant on display in a unique macrame plant hanger.

DIY macrame hangers are one of my favorite ways to display a plant collection if you want to save space, add some personality to your home, and don’t want to spend much money on expensive plant hangers or a plant stand. 

Some added benefits of plant hangers are that they can make it easier for your houseplants to access sufficient sunlight.

The hangers allow for better air circulation and keep your toxic potted plant out of reach for your furry friends or children!

Look no further if you are looking for easy DIY macrame hanger patterns! We’ve collected 25 free macrame plant hanger patterns and tutorials to tickle your creative senses. 

What Are Macrame Hangers?

DIY macrame hangers with potted plants hanging via wooden stick with white wall in background

Whereas most textile processing is done by knitting or weaving, macrame is a method of knotting together textiles to create products like tapestries, rugs, and plant hangers.

It is an art that has been around for centuries and is said to originate from Arabic countries, where they used macrame to create fabrics.

Since then, the method of knotting together fabric has spread worldwide.

In the 70s, macrame became a massive trend in Western culture. People flaunted macrame jewelry, wall hangings, hammocks, and clothes. Now, fifty years later, macrame has gained popularity again.

But this time, it has been discovered by houseplant enthusiasts that use macrame plant hangers to display their indoor jungles.

Many people create their own macrame plant hangers from simple macrame patterns online.

How To Display Macrame Wall Hangings

macrame hangers with plants hanging from ceiling and wall with white background

You can use macrame rope hangers to hang plants from your ceiling, windows, doors, or walls. They will add a vintage and bohemian feel to your home decor and are an easy way to add character to your home space. 

When hanging from your ceiling, please install your ceiling hook to a joist or use a solid adhesive hook that can hold the weight of your plant!

Alternatively, you can hang your plants from curtain rods, coat stands, or magnetic hooks!

Of course, you can buy these stylish plant hangers in most home decor stores nowadays, but creating free macrame plant hangers is easy and can be much fun!

They also make a lovely and personal gift for your plant-loving friends.

There are simple, no-frills designs that come together in just a few minutes, but you can also find hangers with beads, embellishments, or unique knots!

There is always a style that will fit your aesthetic. 

Macramé Basics

DIY macrame hangers complete kit

Before jumping into your new macrame hobby, learning a little about the art may be useful.

Making your own macrame plant hanger does not have to be an expensive and difficult job.

Materials You Need For Your DIY Macrame Projects

The first thing to learn about any DIY project is the materials you’ll need to acquire. You’ll likely have most of these in your kitchen drawers already, saving you the extra cost of buying them new.

There are many different ways to create macrame hangers, but they generally all use the same basic supplies:

A pair of scissors

There are no special types of scissors for macrame, any craft or embroidery scissor will work perfectly. Just make sure your scissors are super sharp to get that neat cut.

A tape measure

A measuring tape is an essential macrame tool when it comes to measuring and cutting cords with accuracy. Go for a measuring tape with centimeters and inches marks on it.

Wooden rings 

These can vary in size depending on the project you want to take on! Wooden rings are available in most craft supply stores. If you prefer, you can use different materials to fit your aesthetics better.

Opt for a metal or brass ring with a more industrial vibe. A light wooden ring is an attractive option to keep things natural. 

Your plant and a pot

Any plant can be grown in hanging planters, but trailing plants are the best pick for macrame hangers!

Your plant can be grown in any plant pot. You could even use mason jars to prevent water from dripping out the bottom of the pots. 

Macrame cord

There are several varieties of rope and cord available. Opt for a cord that is marketed for macramé projects.

A 100% cotton cord is ideal as it is a soft, flexible, and durable rope. You can find cotton cords in your local craft store or online.

As with all things, there is room to experiment with different materials. Some macrame creators combine embroidery floss for their projects!

You can do this by layering strands of the cord until you reach the desired thickness. Choosing the right cord will be a matter of personal preference!

Potted Exotics Pro Tip: If you like to recycle items, consider using old T-shirts and cutting them into even, long strips. You can use these T-shirt strips as macramé cord for any of the projects below!

A working surface

Depending on the project you choose, you’ll likely need something to lay out your strands of cord to avoid getting them tangled up.

Flat surfaces are the best option, so ensure a desk or table is clear before you get to work! 

Basic Macramé Knots To Know

Below is a list of the first knots you should master before getting into a more advanced macrame technique!

Most macramé plant hanger patterns will consist of one or more of the below-mentioned knots.

Give yourself a head start and learn to make these knots. It will make DIY-ing your plant hanger a piece of cake!

Lark’s Head

The Lark’s Head Knot is the most basic in the macramé business.

It’s how you attach your rope to the ring so your project is properly attached and sturdy enough to support your plant’s weight.

You can also use this knot to attach new groups of cords to an existing project to extend its length. 

Gathering Knot

This is also known as the wrap knot.

This knot is used to ‘lock’ a Lark’s head knot onto the ring. It’s very simple to learn, and you can usually use the excess cord from Lark’s head to tie this knot. 

Once you finish your project, gathering knots are also used to tie your piece together at the very end.

If you’ve used too much cord, trim the remaining cords at the bottom and create a frayed look to bring your macrame hanger together! 

Half Knots and Square Knots

Upon first glance, these knots can look a bit tricky. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake!

They are the most commonly used knots in macrame patterns, so learning them will help you to be able to make all kinds of projects.


In the world of macrame, a sinnet is a row of knots tied in a certain pattern. These patterns can consist of all types of knots, such as the ones mentioned above, and combinations of different varieties.

Step by Step DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

If you want to start a new hobby or add a unique element to your home, creating your own macramé plant hanger is a great idea.

Self-made macrame plant hangers are not only wonderful for personal use, but they also make great gifts for your friends and family.

So don’t be afraid to try out some of the 25 patterns (with step by step tutorials) for DIY Macrame Plant Hangers below. 

Throughout this list, there may be some affiliate links. But don’t worry – it won’t cost you a penny. These are all free tutorials!

1. One-Knot Macrame Plant Hanger

plant in white pot hung in black one knot macrame plant hanger with white background

If you dislike spending much time and energy on DIY projects, this simple one-knot plant hanger comes together in as little as 5 minutes.

You can use this macramé project to hang any plant, but avoid using heavy and oversized plants or large pots, as the hanger may not be able to hold the weight of the plant.

2. Two-Tier Macrame Hanger

Two-Tier Macrame Hanger near a glass window

If you are serious about saving space, this two-tier plant hanger is a great way to display your plants in a stylish and fun way without taking up a lot of room in your house!

This pattern uses a variety of knots, but don’t be intimidated. The step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to follow for any level of macrame knotter!

3. Colorful Plant Hangers

colorful macrame plant hanger hanging outdoors

This seemingly basic colorful macrame pattern by Lia Griffith takes a twist on the traditional white-colored rope often used for macrame projects.

Feel free to experiment and play around with different colors to create a beautiful plant hanger that perfectly matches your preferred style and aesthetic.

4. Mini Macrame Plant Hangers

mini macrame hanger with staris and white curtains in background

This DIY is a great option if you have lots of little tiny plants that you’d like to hang to create a miniature hanging jungle.

This simple mini macrame plant hanger uses simple knots like the overhand knot to make a small but sturdy plant hanger. Small succulents or cacti are great picks for this little plant hanger.

5. Beaded Macrame

beaded macrame hangers with white pots on grey wall

If you are new to macrame and having to tie tons of complicated knots seems daunting, this pattern by MadeInADay is for you!

Instead of knots, it uses wooden beads to create a macrame plant hanger.

So whether you are looking for the easiest way to create a DIY plant hanger or want to switch things up from the traditional knots, check this project out. 

6. Macrame Air Plant Holder

Tillandsia air plant in a shallow dish hanging via macrame plant hanger indoors

This adorable plant holder uses a variety of knots, like the Lark’s Head knot and spiral knots, to create a compact but strong plant holder for your air plants.

Air plants are great to keep in hanging planters, as they require little care and maintenance. Spray the air plant with some water every week, and it will thrive.

Due to air plants being low-maintenance, they make an excellent option for lazy plant parents! 

7. Wall Hanging With Planter

macrame plant hanger with glass pot on white wall

This beautiful wall hanger is made entirely with basic macrame knots, such as the square knot. This simple project will bring a vintage boho feeling into your living room.

This wall hanging is a great option if you prefer not to hang plants from your ceiling.

The tutorial has step-by-step instructions, making it easy for macrame beginners to follow the guide!

8. Classic Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger

vintage style macrame plant hanger on white wall

Using a variety of knots, this classic plant hanger is a lovely addition to your home if you aim for a retro, 70s feeling in your home.

This macrame hanger is easy to make and a great way to add something functional, personal, and decorative to your interior spaces without spending tons of money on a store-bought plant hanger.

9. Twisted Knots Hanger

Twisted Knots Macrame Hanger with potted plant placed in dark

Try this macrame plant hanger for an easy but fun project in your free time. This DIY uses a row of square knots into a spiral knot to create a beautiful and unique plant hanger for your indoor garden.

Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

The step-by-step tutorial of twisted knots hanger lets Anyone make this lovely hanging planter at home. 

10. Daisy Chain Macrame Plant Hangings

white daisy flowers in knitted macrame plant hanger outdoors

For those familiar with macrame patterns and who know a few knots from their head, this adorable daisy-chain macrame plant holder is a lovely way to challenge your skills and make something remarkable and beautiful.

This daisy chain hanger is our favorite, and we are sure you will love it too! 

11. Owl Macrame Hanger

black colored owl shaped macrame plant hanger with white background

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your indoor space or perhaps a gift for that one friend with an extensive houseplant collection, look no further.

This adorable plant hanger can be a little daunting initially, and the pattern may seem complicated but don’t worry.

The full step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through every step! Before you know it, you will have an adorable owl macrame plant hanger to show off in your house!

12. Minimalist Plant Holder

Minimalist macrame plant hanger on white wall

This macrame hanger is for those who like to keep their home neutral and minimal.

Many plant hangers are ornamental and have all kinds of colors and embellishments, and they often draw attention.

This simple, sleek, stylish macramé project perfectly displays your houseplants without ruining your minimalist aesthetic. 

13. Beginner-Friendly Macrame DIY

simple macrame plant hanger with red pot indoors

New to Macrame and never even touched a cotton cord?

No problem! This super simple, easy-to-make DIY is a great first step into macrame and will help you to create a lovely macrame hanger in no time.

Every step is explained, and there is even a video tutorial included. The finished product?  A lovely homemade macrame plant hanger for your houseplants in a few simple steps!

14. Macrame Herb Garden

potted herbs hanging via macrame hangers indoors near a window

Macrame can be used for more than just hanging indoor plants. If you like growing herbs but are short on space, this DIY may be a good option!

A vertical garden is beneficial because it allows optimal sun exposure and takes up little space, making it an excellent project for people with apartments or small kitchens!

Using a vertical macrame garden is a stylish way to grow herbs and veggies in small pots, and you won’t need to spend much money on expensive vertical planters!

15. DIY Beaded Macrame Plant Hanger

beaded macrame plant hanger on grey walls

Switch up the basic knotted plant hanger with this DIY that uses beads in the knots, which creates an authentic vintage look!

Any trailing or hanging plant will look stunning in this beautiful one-of-a-kind plant hanger. This DIY is a lovely project to take on with your children, friends, or partner!

16. X-Knot Macrame Hangers

x-knot macrame hanger with potted plant on grey wall

In this tutorial, MacrameForBeginners uses a lesser-known knot to create this beautiful macrame plant hanger.

This knot is called an X-Knot. It creates a chunky, rustic feel and will look stunning in just about anyone’s home!

Opt for delicate plants like Scindapsus Pictus or a Rhipsalis with long trailing vines to create contrast and bring out the best of this plant hanger.  

17. Diamond Plant Hanger

Diamond shaped macrame plant hanger on wall hanging via wooden piece

Are you looking for a unique and stylish but simple DIY macrame plant hanger? Look no further.

This beautiful diamond-shaped hanger is the perfect way to hang your houseplants from your ceiling, windowsill, or walls.

It will help your plants receive all the light they need without blocking out any light from your windows.

18. Cute DIY Macrame Hanger 

cute macrame plant hanger on wall with potted monstera adansonii plant

This DIY uses a variety of traditional macrame knots to create a beautiful macrame hanger for your houseplants. Any houseplant will be happy to live in this lovely macrame hanger!

No experience with Macrame?

Don’t worry! The video tutorial of cute DIY macrame hanger covers every step in detail to help you out along the way. 

19. Glass Plant Hanger

succulent plant in glass pot hanging via macrame

A glass bowl planter is a great way to portray succulents, small cacti, or air plants. But, of course, you can plant any plant into this beautiful planter!

Glass can be difficult to hang, as it can be slippery and hard to keep upright. But this plant hanger will surely keep your greens safe and secure!

20. Metal Hoop 

vining plant in white pot hanging in metal hoop via macrame hanger

This genuine bohemian chic macrame plant hanger uses a metal hoop to create a unique and different look! Any houseplant will look stunning when displayed in this lovely planter.

The metal ring adds a beautiful contrast to the cotton rope that’s often used for macrame projects.

But feel free to experiment with different kinds of cord to find the look that best suits your style!

21. Wall Hanging

potted plants hanging on wall via macrame hangers

If you are not looking to hang plants from your ceiling, consider this wall hanging that you can hang from your wall.

Some benefits to hanging plants from your walls, rather than your ceiling, is that they can usually hold onto more weight and is more rental friendly.

This DIY is easy to follow, and you are sure to tie the final knot with confidence!

22. Braided Wall Plant Hanger

braided macrame plant hanger hanging near a window

This beginner-friendly tutorial by Emily Faith will help you to create a lovely braided macrame hanger for your plants.

Using basic knots like square knots, you will create an elegant plant holder to proudly display in your home decor! 

23. Macrame Plant Hanger without Ring

macrame haner without ring with plant in glass jar indoors

Don’t have a wooden ring on hand?

No worries, this DIY tutorial will help you make a beautiful macrame plant hanger without any ring involved in under thirty minutes!

The original hanger is made in a beautiful salmon-pink shade, but you can use your favorite colors. 

24. Macrame Fruit Basket Hanger

plants in macrame hanging baskets with rattan decorations in background

This DIY hanger can be used as a plant and fruit basket.

This project may be a little more advanced, making it a great choice for intermediate macrame knotters!

Please note that if you plan on using this as a fruit basket, carefully consider the weight it has to hold and ensure that your ceiling attachment can easily hold the required weight!

25. Flower Macrame Plant Hanger

macrame flower and leaves design plant hanger on white background

Have you been doing macrame projects for a while and want to challenge your skills? Try this beautiful flower macrame hanger!

Don’t worry – the video tutorial walks you through every step! But some prior macrame knowledge will come in handy.

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